Dealing with the block (First Blog)

Today’s discussion is about getting over writers block. It can be a very hard thing to write, but in time and with some helpful advice, writers can find a way around what I believe the real issue is; finding your subject matter when writing. You see, I believe that writing isn’t often a problem, the subject matter itself, can be and in most cases, is the problem. Give any writer a subject with a deadline and I believe that writer will write something, it may not be the best thing, but it’s something. A writer given a blank page can see so many opportunities, but It can also be the most difficult of obstacles. 
There are some easy ways to get over writers block, by finding great subject matter for the troubled writer. The ideas that are being offered aren’t a cure all to the issue of writers block, but an alternate option; a new way to look at the problem. This list also contains some helpful links to some of the options available at the reports end. 

The Internet:

Many are surely not surprised by the wonderful resource that is the Internet. But writers are proud creatures, readers would be surprised by the number of writers that don’t recognize all of the resources available when dealing with writers block. Besides this nicely written report here, there are blogs that deal with the issue written by others afflicted with the same. There are peer groups that a writer can join where writers can help the “blocked” talk with others going through the same. I believe that talking with others afflicted with either the lack of subject matter or writer’s block, can benefit from conversation with others dealing with the problem.
A writer that’s interested in this option for assistance with finding good subject matter or dealing with writer’s block can easily find other writers that are open to communication. Just run a writer’s group search through to find local writing groups in your area, 

2. Listening to music:

Sometimes hearing certain tones can get the creative juices flowing for writers. For some an upbeat song can excite their senses, myself included. Music causes my writing to flourish, I blow through sentences with the sheer enjoyment in the ability to string together words. There are several essays and papers that instruct the suffering writer to “cut out” distractions, but music can sometimes spark recognition. Songs from the past played again can remind an author suffering from block of another time, maybe a better time. It’s very true that distractions should be removed when writing but you aren’t; it’s harsh but true. Find any way possible to get some good ideas percolating in the good old brain pan. 

3. Watching biographical or natural shows:

I love the weather channel. I can watch the channel for hours on end without ever getting bored. You are probably saying, “Did you say the weather channel?” Yes, yes I did. You see the weather channel has more than just weather. Ask anyone who has ever turned to the station, the amount of information that is available on the channel is useful. Finding and watching a non “Reality” reality television show, can be quite helpful. There are multiple views of humanity that are possible and they may be able to inspire a writer.  

4. Rest:

 When all else fails, a few hours of sleep could be just what’s needed to spur creativity and help get the suffering writer going. 

These are the tips that have been used to get through times of distress. These tips may be able to give some writers advice on how to overcome this problem. I have used them to get me through some tough times and use some today to keep me motivated while writing. 

This report is one of my first written for Its a wonderful site for writers looking for more information on writing, helpful reviews on your writing and reports by other talented writers waiting for a chance to have their voices heard. If you’re a writer looking for a nice place to get a start on your public writing, try 


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