The difference between story submission and writing for the Internet.

After submitting my first blog there was a bit of trepidation. Submitting written work for quick consumption, review and ultimate judgment by the public is hard. When submitting a piece of written work to any of the traditional avenues available to a writer, there’s a barrier between the writer and the person reviewing their work. There’s no immediate backlash, the writer has time to buffer themselves, though futile it may be when being rejected. They have time to build up other success stories before the failure arrives. 
Submission of work on the Internet is more instant. The feeling or threat of rejection immediate. An artist presses the publish button on a blog or piece of work being placed on the Internet and there’s an urge to take it back. You look at the work and judge every single piece that is being displayed. The most terrible of critics making himself evident as we ponder over what we’ve submitted. I say we because I’m sure it’s not just me that has had this feeling.
It was a shock to recognize actual fear over publishing something on the Internet. I’d never had a problem with writing a story and I have placed several short stories on my Facebook page in the past, but writing for this blog somehow leaves me more exposed than writing any story can. There’s no time to regret the action, no time to even pump myself up for anything negative that could come my way. I look at the post one last time then turn my mind away from it, trying harder than anything to feel better about what was just done. 
There is hope with time and practice things will get better but there is also fear that the feeling will disappear. That worries me more than anything, any artist dealing with this feeling can understand. Having these feelings make it real for me. It puts my skin in the game and makes it something that matters to me. The losses become motivation and the smallest success becomes a huge victory. I believe there can be no true success in anything that a person does, if they don’t care about it.  
I care about my writing, about having the ability to string together words in this way. I care about getting the words and stories I have inside of me out. The fact that even with something so trivial as a blog I feel this kind of pressure, just means that I’m doing the right thing for my writing. Not everyone can write. Hell there aren’t that many people that can write well. I believe I can and I plan to continue writing with hopes that I always feel this way with my art. Let’s enjoy this journey that I’m progressing through together readers. This should be fun. 

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