The slander of an icon.

One of the greatest to ever do it died last month, Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince. He was one of the most memorable performers living and died in the single most questioned death of 2016, so far. The fact that prince died is not what I’m writing about today. People die, it’s a fact of life. Another fact of life is that people die with secrets, we all have them; the cool thing about them is we won’t be alive to hear what people say about our secrets. The terrible thing about them is that some of those secrets make us appear in a light less than what we were, to the public. 

In the case of Prince Rogers Nelson, the world seems all too happy to plaster all of his secrets on the Web. To tear down an artist that seemed to respect the adoration placed on him by his fans. In my opinion this seems a bit disrespectful to the artist himself. It’s true that Nelson had secrets but unlike many in the entertainment industry, Prince had the good sense of mind, and love for the people who loved his work, to keep the information that he didn’t want in the public, secrets. I have no problem with my idols or people that I admire having secrets; I’m not a tabloid, TMZ, or any of these other reporting groups that get their Jolly’s from tearing down others. 

The very fact that all of this information, the stories of drug addiction and other debilitating issues that plagued the artist. The fact that these stories are coming when the artist is dead and gone is a testament to his work in keeping his personal life personal. I commend Nelson on that accolade, in today’s world we have pseudo-celebrities that put hours of energy into being public with all of their information, their children, their parents, everything. The fact that there was little to no information on or about Nelson until after his passing, says a lot for the team responsible for the Prince brand. 
Since Prince’s untimely death there have been a multitude of stories that not only tarnish the artist’s name but his memory. His family has fought over his estate. Children that I’m sure TMZ would have discovered sooner, have started appearing out of nowhere. This entire end to the Prince Rogers Nelson legacy is a disgrace to the man that once had ‘slave’ written on his face; the artist once known as only ‘The Artist,’ and his large number of fans. 
To honor prince in any way but respect is a disrespect to his legacy and his image. I, for one, have been a huge fan of Prince Rogers Nelson from the beginning. I can remember reproducing every move to the Dove’s cry video with my siblings. Watching the movie Purple Rain and wishing I could cruise through Las Vegas on a purple motorcycle. This man was iconic and deserves to be remembered in a way that is commensurate to how America treat it’s icons. 

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