The Republican Party. 

America it’s that time again. Time for us to endure another round of rhetoric, bad tempers and blatant disrespect for ones competitors as two people duke it out over a big White House on the east side of our country. It’s election time folks, and with the ending of the primaries we are all coming to that point when we must deal with all the horrible commercials then choose who we want to battle with congress over the country. 

This time has always been interesting to me but over the last eight years something different has garnered my attention, it’s a small thing really but I’m sure you’ve notice. The strange civil war that has been raging in the Republican Party. The way the republicans are fighting is ridiculous, this is not how they, the “GOP” should enjoy being viewed. I thought I’d seen everything I could in the election of 2012 election, which is the year I officially changed parties, but this election year has blown me away. The very way that the Republican Party has been attacking each other in the news says much about the changes that have taken a strangle hold on the party. 
Will Paul Ryan be able to wrangle in the two party system that has sprung to life within the Republican Party? If Donald Trump wins the presidency what will happen to the party? Will the party be able to endure the grandiose that is “The Donald?” I ask all of this because I seriously worry about my old party. If the Republican Party fails to appear strong they will continue to lose members. Many heard of the party switch of Mary Matalin, a long time republican and wife to James Carville, Mary recently left the Republican Party and became the latest in a long line of members jumping the sinking party ship. 
What will the party do to get itself realigned? In my opinion the party should always appear as one cohesive unit; even in times of defeat. The party should remain on one accord in the public eye, no discourse. It may be just my two cents but I think big changes must be made in the party for its own sake. Being really honest both parties could do with a change. I believe that the career politician should be fired, there is too much old blood and old ties in Washington to really get anything done. Changes should be made for the betterment of the country itself, though the Republican Party is dealing with a huge fissure in its home
Petty bickering, Gerrymandering, the filibuster, I could go on but there is just no real way for the country to come together, until it’s elected officials can do it. The only way that we can grow as a country and protect ourselves from the next financial crisis that’s coming, because it is coming. We, America, we must build anew. Find a way to make our country what it was intended to be; one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. 

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