No blog today. Sorry, here’s an portion of draft I’m working on. 

The steady mantra continues in David’s head as he crushes through the freshly fallen snow. ‘One, Two, shake.” The constant words. Words he has used to traverse untold miles of snow in the past still work to propel him towards his goal today. It repeats in his mind like some kind of gasoline, igniting a fire deep within David that causes his body to feel little pain from the incredible exertion that is caused by exploration of the polar cap. 
The mantra stops and David takes a break to drink from his water supply. He surveys the area surrounding him. White snow returns his gaze as David finishes his break and the Mantra continues. David trudges forward the mantra, forever, his motivation. He pushes through thousands of feet of snow the mantra his driving force, propelling him toward the frozen horizon. He’s walked for hours before there is a need for another break. 
David takes off his backpack and surveys his surroundings, before peering through the approaching gloom toward his destination. He expected to be closer to the campsite by now but he’d made great time and the mantra would get him there tomorrow. David took out his gear to set up camp, placed the items out methodically around him then he began to build an ice hut. 
Once finished David returned all the items to his backpack before entering the hut. Once comfortably set up inside the hut David took out his Arctic sleeping bag, some caribou jerky wrapped in brown paper and foil, and his GPS. He took a large bite of the jersey as he pressed buttons on the gps device. Less than thirty miles to his destination. He put the device back in his pack then checked the battery life on his satellite phone. 
Satisfied with the phone,David returned it to his pack as he grabbed another piece of jerky. Though caribou jerky is tough David eats two more pieces before laying down to rest; the 2500 calories per bar would keep him and the mantra going tomorrow. The polar wind howled against the hut as David placed earbuds in his ears and laid down for his short rest. 
Five short hours later the mantra continues as David resumes his arduous journey toward his destination. It takes him no time to reach his goal. The fires from the village inform him of their nearness. David halts, unslings his pack while surveying his surroundings. He lowers himself slowly against the freezing snow then he begins to crawl toward civilization one inch at a time. 


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