Why do people play the Shame game?

Pardon my French, but what the hell is wrong with America? Why do we have to tear down another person just to make ourselves feel better? When did it become the norm for us to kick down any person that’s different from us? I for one find this all to be freaking deplorable. I cannot believe that we are at a point in our society when we will slap down a person, for choosing to be who and what they want to be in their life. 
I speak on this because of the Ashley Graham and Joe Jonas issue; yes there are other issues that relate to this, but I chose this because I happen to like Ashley Graham. Let me get this out there from the word go. Ashley Graham is absolutely gorgeous, point blank, end of discussion. There is no reason to add anything to that point. She is a beautiful woman and she feels joy when she looks at herself in the mirror. How the hell can that be a problem for any person? If someone went on your social network and critiqued every difference that they see in you, how would you feel? 
I like Joe Jonas, though Nick is my boy, the fact that he chose Ashley for his video is awesome. Even if his reason is the fact that Ashley Graham is marketable, I still say Bravo! Every chance that she gets to be viewed by young, impressionable girls, should be taken. Because it’s time they know that, all women are not models. All men do not look like Chris Evens, Tom Cruise or Idris Elba. We are all different and we are beautiful because of our differences. 
Are we not proud of people that love who they see in the mirror? I ask because the only reason a person can tear down another individual is because they have issue, insecurities within themselves that are hard to handle. Is it acceptable behavior? Should that person be allowed to treat others in any way they deem necessary? If you, the reader, were a parent and your child is put in the situation of dealing with this character, would it be acceptable then? 
Throughout my life I’ve seen two children grow to adulthood and am watching a third as she traverses these perilous of times. During this growth, my child has dealt with children her age commenting on her height in a negative way. You see she is very tall for her age and that causes some to pay attention in a way that does not promote healthy growth for my daughter. My family has tried to explain the origins of her strange growth, her mother is almost six feet and I’m six foot seven. So at ten she gets to endure people discussing her five foot six frame. Our comforts do nothing for her mental health, nor do they alleviate how she feels about herself when dealing with these little assassins of character. We, nevertheless, continue to be supportive parents that try to reinforce her beautiful difference. 
How would you, as a parent, deal with that situation? Whatever answer you choose is up to you but it puts it into perspective, no? Do we want our children, the future, ashamed of their bodies? Is it the right of the American public to rip down a person because they don’t fit the mold? Do you feel it is your right to judge every person, in any way that you feel possible, just because you are given the ability? 
I for one cannot find a reason to hate on another person. Each of us are given certain things that make us different. We should not be judged or be subjected to disparaging remarks, abusive behavior or judgmental attitudes because of them. 


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