The horror movie evolution(how horror has changed)

While growing up, there were several different types of horror movies a person could spend their money viewing. We had the slasher with the invincible killers( Jason Voorhies, Michael Meyers and so on.) There were movies about terrors from outer space(aliens, critter, the blob.) They even gave us movies about Alien invasion and takeover(body snatchers, they live, the faculty, night of the creeps: who else loves the ‘Get out, of the house’ line from creeps?)

I could go on with this and list all of the different types of horror films that have been created, but I’m sure you get the picture. There have been a lot of horror movies over the last few decades and the movies have branched out into several different types of movies for the horror lover to pore over and enjoy. 

Over the last few years that hasn’t been the case. The horror movie is now relegated to a certain form of horror:

The ghost tale: The ghost tale has really taken off and grabbed the helm as King of the horror scene for now. There are so many new ghost or possession stories that it’s getting a little redundant. I love the ghost genre and find my greatest feelings of excitement when watching ghost tales but most of the movies that are in this form are terrible with many just hoping to cash in on some gimmick that worked for another movie. 

Found footage: Found footage movies are ok for a few movies but let’s not make it the norm. Now don’t get me wrong dear reader, I love a few of the paranormal activity movies and I remember the stink made when the Blair witch project started the craze but there cannot be that many lost tapes in the world. Most of the time I can be heard screaming, “Why would you be holding the damn camera!?” When watching found footage horror.

We have the ever terrible horror sequel and horror remakes that continue to plague, the lovers of horror. These movies only appear, in my humble opinion, to tarnish the good memory of the movies that they try to reproduce. I give one example here, you tell me if I’m wrong, the new nightmare on elm street. I rest my case. 

There are more forms of horror that are around but these movies either do not fit the mold of the movies above or can’t actually be considered horror but are included in the genre because they have no true place. The movies ‘I spit on your grave and the purge’ can be included in this list, though the purge is doing the sequel thing currently. 

Has the horror movie genre run out of stories? Are there still screenwriters that enjoy scaring movie goers? Will Batman make it out of this situation alive, sorry I couldn’t help it. All jokes aside. Will we, the true horror fan, be limited to the dregs for our horror fix?


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