My main goal: the ultimate goal for everything I am doing.

I have been doing a lot of research on writing, while finding great things to share on social networks and with my writing. Almost every writer or advisor writing blogs suggest that any author looking to gain readers, followers and ultimately fans needs to be focused with their writing. The author should pick one or two niche subjects to focus on when writing. Be on topic, don’t beg for followers, fans or readers, be true to your work.
I have not been able to relegate my writing to a few select subjects, I don’t actually know if I can. You see, I have several different things that I intend for my writing and choosing just one topic or a particular goal could inhibit my writing process. Is that the point of the advice given by these authors? Should I stem the flow of words that continue to traipse through my head because of what has worked for someone else? 
I ponder these questions as I write this blog today. True with everything I am doing, I am beginning to get views and my followers list is steadily growing but that’s because of my efforts; which have been more about me, a lover of horror in all forms, a writer, a father, a failed businessman, a video game tester, a husband, and so on. I am more than just a few things, I want to write more than just a few things. 
Is the way to my main goal in selective writing? I don’t think so. I believe that every writer, every author, should write what they know and I know a lot. Every person who writes, who deems themselves an author should trust in what they write. As I have progressed through writing and life, I have recognized one thing. My worst enemy, my biggest critic and my most difficult competition, are one and the same. Myself. If I can make that most judgmental observer of my work happy, then I have done my job. If I happen to get a few hundred thousand readers of my writing along the way then that’s a bonus and it makes all of the work enjoyable. 


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