Got my first follower, So I’m adding a portion draft of another story I’m working on. Enjoy.

‘ There is something very strange and different about these roaches.’ Jacob thought as he crushed another with his shoe. He scraped the remains of the bug off his shoe into the garbage bin near his desk. Jacob clicked a few more keys on his laptop before searching around him again for another bug. It’d been going like this for the last few hours, he would type a few words then have to kill another bug.

It was as if they’d come for him. This morning his place was free of bugs. He’d washed the plate from his breakfast, cleaned the area and rung out the dish towel he used to clean, just like his mom had taught him. The place was clean, he could go anywhere in his home without seeing a bug. He could open a cabinet without a roach scurrying through an open space in the small confines. He walked out of his home this morning confident that the routine he’d been taught since childhood wasn’t the cause of his current bug infestation. 

They were everywhere when he entered his home. It started out small at first. There was one tiny bug scurrying across the shelf where he placed his keys. He was shocked at first, recoiling away in revulsion at the sight at the tiny offender before he quickly recovered and smacked down a piece of his mail to kill it. “You have to get rid of the carcass or it will attract more.” The voice of Jacob’s mother rings in his ear as he tosses the periodical in the trash can stationed near his garage door leading into his home. Several bugs scurried away when he turned on the kitchen light. “What the hell?” Jacob yelled as he rushed in, stepping on as many as he could before they disappeared into hidden areas in his home. He put down the stuff he carried in quickly, then grabbed a can of bug spray from one of his cupboards. He sprayed the areas where he thought he saw the trespassers he couldn’t catch flee to. 

After a quick clean of the entire kitchen then a liberal spray of deterrent, Jacob went to his room to clean up and change clothes for the evening. He tried placing the dirty clothes from the day in the dryer but several bugs came rushing out of the washer when he opened the lid. Jacob yelped then slammed the lid as he dropped the clothes and rushed for the bug spray. The lid began to clatter as bugs of all sizes came rushing out of the washer. Jacob returned with the bug spray just in time to see the mass migration. He screamed again then released a torrent of bug spray. He squashed as many bugs as he could and sprayed the bugs he missed. 

When Jacob was finished with the bugs in the washing machine he wiped away the bug remains with a towel. He placed his dirty clothing and the disgusting towel in the washer and set it to wash. Jacob was walking toward his office when the sensation of something crawling up his neck caused him to smack that area. He was dizzy for a moment form the smack but when his vision cleared the remains of a bug were visible in his hand. Jacob ran to the bathroom and wiped his hand with a few pieces of tissue. He washed his hands then returned to his office. 

‘I need to order an exterminator.’ Jacob thinks. He takes a seat at the desk in his office. Jacob takes a quick look around his office as he pulls up the yellow pages on his laptop. He searches for a reputable exterminator in the long list of technicians, then settles on a 24 hour business that’s only a few blocks away. Jacob opens another page and begins a search on bugs, cockroaches in particular. The search list is endless, there is so much information on roaches that Jacob doesn’t know where to begin. He narrows his search by filtering for causes, then selects a page that looks promising. He scrolls through the information, crushing bugs as they appear.


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