My muse is death(How am I inspired?)

America celebrated Memorial Day yesterday. People enjoyed family and friends as they ate great food and reminisce over the past. Memorial Day has been a harsh day of remembrance for my family and myself; it’s a grim reminder of a fact of our life. With the death of another family member so close to this years Memorial Day, I want to discuss an impacting issue that I use when writing. 

Death is something that occurs a lot in my family. I have been to so many funerals that I feel like I have reached my death meter and cannot endure another. Seeing so much death in my life has had a real affect on my writing. The inspiration for many of my stories comes from the amount of death that I have seen. The stories that I write can begin as bright and happy Disney musicals in my head, stories fool of good times, happy people and happy stories. Once I begin to type, the story becomes darker. The images begin to fill with dread. The writing begins to take on a mind of its own, and I just feel like someone reading a story I am writing. I am led along on these dark journeys like everyone else that reads, with no clue of how the story will end. 

Don’t get me wrong I do write these stories, there’s no special spirit or entity that takes over this part of my art for me. Though I practice writing darker tales and that’s what interest me, I have written stories that have had a lighter tone. Stories that don’t involve so much darkness, they have jokes and there’s laughter, but these stories do contain the ever present truth that haunts all of our lives, death. Over the years, my writing has become an outlet for death. A way to expunge the formless monster that lurks behind the curtain of my mind. 

Being able to release the emotions that I deal with through writing has given strength to it. I worry less about the opinions of the would be reader and consider the work more important. I’m not saying that other writers write with reader opinion in mind, but when I wrote earlier in life, I worried about who would like it. I, now, worry about my satisfaction with the writing, I consider my own enjoyment of my work an important part of my writing.


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