A partial draft of another story. This one is called “Loki: out of troubles reach.”

The loud click of the lights being switched off was the only thing I heard as the darkness rushed to engulf me. I have been afraid of the dark my entire life and just thinking about who or what turned off the lights are giving me heart palpitations. I squint a little in the hopes of seeing my way toward the light switch but it’s so completely dark that I can’t even see what’s in front of me.

I walk back the way I came. I was trying to remember if I made any turns when coming into the cafeteria but being in this cold darkness is distracting me. I can’t believe I let myself get talked into this. Lisa was such a bitch for forcing me to do this dare. What kind of dare would have a person in a school after hours. Something grazes my leg as I make my way, hopefully, toward the wall and the light switch but there is nothing there when I place my hand on my leg.

The sound of something rustling in the corner causes me to look in that dark direction. I could swear that something shifted in the darkness. At least I think I could. The darkness seemed to lighten a bit when I turned my head in that direction, but it’s so dark that I can’t be sure. Instead of doing the dumb thing and seeing what made that noise, I’m going to continue my search for the light switch or the exit, whichever comes first.

I can see the wall now. The bright paint is barely perceptible as I near it. I slide my hand on the wall and start to walk towards where I think the switch would be. It doesn’t take long for my hand to bump into the plastic of the light switch. I flip the switch but nothing happens. I flip it a few more times and get the same result. “Damnit.” I try the door by the switch and surprise it doesn’t budge. I give it a hearty push and it still doesn’t budge. The roar of something directly behind me causes me to turn around quickly. There’s nothing there.

A clicking sound starts from farther in the darkness. It sounds like nails tapping on the linoleum but I don’t see anything in the area. Ok, that’s it. I don’t know what the hell is going on in this room but I am not staying here. I give the door one final push before I resort to the better method, in my opinion. Taking a few steps back, I raise my leg and kick the shit out of the door. It creaks a bit but doesn’t move. I spin into a kick and the door flies open. “See, who says persistence doesn’t pay?” I say as I walk out the door.


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