Ideas on managing the hiatus(what to do after story submission)

After finishing some of my stories I have decided to send them to magazines, agents and other outlets for literary recognition. My hope is to have one of my shorts included in every form available before I finish my first book. While waiting for the ever expected and often painful rejection letter or success, I have come up with several different things to do to kill time.

Some of these things have helped to distract me through these trying but necessary times. While others have helped to build a fan base. There are even websites that can help inspire authors with their next story. Please understand, I am not an affiliate or sponsored by any of the options available. I am just telling you about some of the things that I use besides working, that help to fulfill my time. 


This is the most important thing a writer can do to take up the time between submission and the results of doing such an act. Continuing to write serves the author in a number of ways. Writing helps the author sharpen their skills, it helps to build an author’s toolbox. The would be author needs to recognize that constant writing is like constant skill building; a writer needs to write like an athlete needs to practice. 

There are several places a writer can go to write, but I find a few things that help more than any to build up my skill. and have been wonderful ways for me to either blog about writing or tell a different story from what I’m submitting. These websites have helped to make the time between bearable for me and I believe they could do the same for you. 

Social media:

This is something that I recently discovered but have found to be one of the best sources for building fans and getting in touch with other writers. The writing world is huge. Massive. Just doing a web search on the word author will populate a host of sites on or about the craft. The new or emerging author could get confused sifting through the wealth of information. Luckily there are a host of talented writers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, that are more knowledgable than yours truly. 

Tweeters like myself are often posting inspirational messages that we hope spark the creative bug within writers. While writing magazines and websites often post about upcoming contest or new agents that appear in our world. Writing funny, poignant, interesting tweets, while retweeting things that you find relevant can help when building up a fan base, which should be a goal for every writer. 


If the most important thing a writer can do is continue to write. The second on that list must be, continue to read. Reading can also assist the writer with inspiration. Reading something different from what you write can broaden your horizons and enhance your writing. I find reading fantasy and bibliographic novels and stories have helped with my writing. Being able to view writing from a different perspective has opened up my world to an entirely new way of writing. 

This is a lot longer than I tend to want my blogs to be. I hope there was something that I wrote here that can help the budding author on their oath to great storytelling. If nothing else, the intent is to give you guys somethings to think about after the submitting is done and the waiting begins. 


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