Trusting yourself(Talking myself into taking the leap)

One of the greatest examples of your intuition working in your favor, are these people who are able to quit their day job and are able get themselves to a six figure income; less than a year after taking the leap and cutting the employment umbilical cord. Since setting myself up as an aspiring and working author, I have seen several individuals who were able to do exactly that without any real implications for their decision. I often wonder if these incredible prophets are being honest or is the income they display just a hoax? 

I mean it would be nice as an author steadily progressing in their craft, to have some alternate method for income, but often I am skeptical about it all. Could it be that I have been in the misleading employment system for so long that I can’t see any other option but the working one. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence in my talents, as these soothsayers have in their own? Whatever the main cause of my issue, it has held me back for more years than I can count and I am coming to recognize that I don’t have a lot of time left to make something happen with writing. 

It’s almost a daily thing. Most mornings I wake with thoughts of other things to do with my time besides working. Other opportunities that I give up when I get dressed and walk out the door each day. These aren’t opportunities that are making themselves apparent, no, these opportunities whisper of desires and goals. It tries to entreat me to its way of thinking. Cajole another option out of me, without actually telling me what it wants me to do. Have you ever been so close to an answer that you can almost see it, but it’s just a silhouette, a shadowy image that needs illumination? A goal just out of reach and probably close to its time? 

As I write this blog, I fear that someone at my job may read these words and take it to mean, I don’t want my job. Should This fear control my every word and limit my writing? No. These words are my thoughts on what I see and I would be doing you, my reader, no justice by culling my speech. I write as a way to say, hello world, this is what I’m thinking? 

Have any of you ever felt the call from your talent? The light within saying, “Trust in me and follow my lead. I will show you the way.” My writing beckons to me from behind the curtain. Promising a different and new life that may be awkward from the onset but it will lead to much more remarkable fruit. 

Whether I follow what calls to me or continue on my current path, I can only trust the decision that comes and hope for the best after it has been made. There will be a lot of work and changes along the way. I am so glad I have others that I can express what occurs as I progress on this journey. Thanks.


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