A small portion from another draft. (Untitled)

” It’s your turn kid.” I’d been lost in thought, but I quickly moved my rook and tried to remember what distracted me. I don’t normally zone out during chess but something was bothering me. ” I don’t know why you want to rush this ass whooping but there you go. ” I told the dude I was playing against. He told me his name but I just couldn’t remember it. He studied the board then moved his queen toward my left flank knight. I’d put it in an excellent position to destroy his king, but it was an obvious ploy. If he fell for this the game was over before he even moved his full forward line. He took the bait and instantly it came back to me. 

The guy sat down king, shook my hand and the world around me darkened. Nothingness surrounded me. The park table I sat at everyday after school playing chess for cash, gone. The old guys that set at tables playing chess, gone. My first thought was to run but prudence dictates I first gauge the situation before making a rash and maybe costly mistake. ” You, are a remarkable child. ” A voice said in the darkness. ” It would serve you better, whoever you are, by not calling me a child. I may not be eighteen yet but I’ve never been considered a child.” I really hated when anyone called me a child, kid or youngster. That shit pisses me off and it’s really condescending. 

” I apologize for my rude nature. It’s not often I get the pleasure of dealing with such mature people. ” Said the voice. ” I apologize again, allow me to introduce myself. ” A light flashed in the darkness instantly blinding me. I covered my eyes and waited patiently for the light to dim. After a few seconds my eyes adjusted to the introduction of light and the new figure that stood in front of me.  

It was the old guy that sat down to play chess but this guy was more vibrant. He smiled at me, adjusted his shirt collar and pulled down his jacket sleeves. The suit he was wearing wasn’t completely white but it was nice, it looked expensive, like the suit a CEO or rich guy would wear. His shoes where the same, not quite white but obviously expensive. He wasn’t white but he wasn’t black either. He looked like he could be Persian but his eyes were white. There were no pupils, and they were slanted. 

” What are you? ” I asked, taking an involuntary step back. I wasn’t afraid but it’s always best to be prepared for an attack. He took a second to think about my question. ” there’s no easy way to explain what I am. I could be called a spirit. Some may call me a demon. I was once mistaken for a vampire, you can’t imagine how painful that was to disprove. ” the man said, rubbing his chest as if he not only remembered the incident. “In all cases they were wrong. I am Throne, that’s it and that’s all. There are many that know of my kind but few who have seen us.” He said walking closer. A cane magically manifested in his right hand, the handle was a mold of golden wings and the tip was silver.

I took a minute to marvel at the intricate carvings and symbols crafted into the cane but I was slightly distracted by the way the throne walked toward me. He didn’t just walk, he kind of sauntered. It was a strange dance like walk that would have made Travolta jealous. The strangest part was the floating. His feet never touched the ground. ” ok, so what’s a throne? Some kind of gnostic being?” I’d read stories of Gnosticism. It was an ancient religion that got recognition around the same time as Christianity. They are the believers of the spiritual form. 

The being hunched his head with his hand in his face. He began to laugh, a small chuckle at first that escalated into a full throated laugh. ” That’s good, I was told you were sharp, but I had no idea.” He said looking serious once more. It was clear that this being could switch moods on a dime and that bothered me. ” My name is Marius Strand. As I said before, I am here because we will have one of the longest most tedious relationships ever. Things will get tough and emotions will play a huge part in what transpires from here.” Strand stuck a hand in his pocket and removed a necklace with a pendant on it. He inspected the pendant for a second then threw it toward me. ” This will help you with some of the things you’re about to meet. I don’t have a lot of time to talk and no time to explain, so let me say this. ” He rubbed his chin then looked at me. ” Always have faith in yourself. That’s the most important message I can give you. Throughout everything remember what you’ve learned and what you already know.” ” Yes, but who the hell are you? ” I asked rudely interrupting any further advice he wanted to give. I don’t have a clue of who he is and I don’t have time to listen to someone’s twisted version of an after school special. 

” There isn’t enough time to explain that completely. Lets just say that we fight for the same thing but from different sides. ” Strand said with a slight smirk on his face. oh I really disliked this man, throne, whatever the hell he is. ” Are you my enemy? It would be counterproductive to help your enemy. ” this didn’t make sense. What is going on? ” I know it doesn’t seem right, here give me the necklace back. ” Strand said walking toward me with his hand outstretched. He made it about three feet away before he stopped himself. ” Nah, you go ahead and keep it. You will need it more than me. ” 

I took a second to actually look at the necklace and pendant strand had given me. It was a blue lotus flower, but the petals hasn’t bloomed. It was quite beautiful, something about it struck a memory deep but I couldn’t think about that now. ” What’s this, protection?” I asked. The lotus flower is known as a form of protection to spiritualist, I’m not a spiritualist but I read a lot and that was some information I picked up. ” I am again amazed by your vast knowledge young man. That is indeed a lotus flower and it is for protection but that’s just with the petals growth. Just wait until it blooms.” With that he was gone. I didn’t get a lot of information, didn’t understand what the point of the damn visit was and what the hell was going to happen to me over the next few days? The land remained pitch black for another minute, then I was transported back to my current time and place in the middle of this damn chess game. The guy looked something like the man in the vision or dream, but he didn’t have that guys grandeur. He looked a bit older, didn’t have the same vibrancy. He smiled at me immediately following my return but he didn’t bring up anything, so I chalked it up to daydreams, and continued with the chess game.

The guy moved his left flank knight and threw my plan into reverse. No one ever catches that move, no one. I created it myself, this old man has game. Even if you create your own moves and tactics in chess, you have to expect a challenger to prepare for it and react to it. Chess is a game of logic after all. I can say this, that move really changed my perceptions of this match. I sent my left flank rook into the fray and sat up straighter. This wasn’t going to be an easy fight but I can see from his next move, which caused me to smile, it was going to be fun. 


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