A question about children in movies(What’s the deal with mixed breed actors in movies)

What is the deal with Vin Diesel and Dewayne(the rock) Johnson? Why is it that every movie that they act in, the children that’s supposed to be theirs, are white children? Does the blood not mix when these men are sleeping with women? I’m sorry folks, I know this may sound like I am being racist, but honestly, how the hell does Vin Diesel keep having white children? It doesn’t matter what movie, the color of the women that they have children with, nothing stops their kids from coming out with the most impossible mutations for a black child.

You want to know what’s really crazy? Some people don’t even know the ethnicity of these men and many like them. Wentworth Miller, for example, may look white but he too is black and when he actually gets a role with children, I wonder if he would have the same issue. Will he have children that don’t have any signs of black in them? Now don’t get me wrong folks, I think we are all of the same race and are only separated by our ethnic mutations, but what I see in the movies as offspring for these men, is bullshit.  

How many times have you seen a naturally red headed black person? I’m not talking about the results from chemicals in the hair but from just natural growth. That type of hair is difficult to grow, not impossible but for blacks it is very difficult. I have seen almost every Dewayne Johnson or Vin diesel movie(yeah that’s right, I admit it.) and neither of these men have ever had a darker toned child as their offspring. Why? What’s wrong with having a black or brown child, if you’re black? Hell I know a lot of white stars who have black children. Why are the people who are supposed to have these children, all to happy to white wash their movies? 

Does it make the movie better when children are fairer in skin tone? Have they taken a poll or is there some kind of research that says using children of color, when you’re black, is a bad thing? I have had this argument at work and have stared at my coworkers in shock when they say, “Vin Diesel/Dewayne Johnson isn’t black.” Is that the point of washing away all of their heritage, they appear another ethnicity to the public? Is the point to make it appear as if, of the two ethnic differences, their children will get the non-black traits? I cannot believe that’s true. 

The reason this bothers me is because of the opportunities that are missed by a young black actor. It’s as if the only child actors these men see are the ones they cast in their movies. It’s true, they probably don’t do the casting but let’s be real, they have a say in who gets on camera; even if it’s a small voice. Of course, Vin Diesel has more control but it hasn’t made a difference. 

In the sequel to Jurassic Park, the lost world, Ian Malcolm(Goldblum) has a black child with no real explanation of how it happened. That strange casting, in my opinion, ruined a good movie. I loved, LOVED, the first movie and one of the things that ruined the sequel, is the fact that he is clearly Jewish but he has a black child. Now I hear that it’s not a far reach between Blacks and Jews but I needed a little more information, I wanted to know how that happened. Why did Spielberg choose a black child? 

I guess that’s the point of my issue. Why are these casting directors, producers, directors and others with the deciding vote choosing such obvious mismatches? I can only hope that mixed ethnicity actors, will some day make a movie, with children I can see as offspring of theirs. These kids don’t have to be reaching the farthest end of the dark color spectrum but I would like a little brown to them. I would enjoy seeing some mutations that can only occur when two people with ethnic differences have children. 


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