What is the deal with credit?(How America treats its down trodden)

I don’t actually understand the credit system. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the system, but I don’t get it. This is the only system besides American history where the negative results matter. Just think about it. If you have bad credit you pay more for everything. What the hell is that, why would the people who have shown that they can’t pay anything get charged more for something? They can’t pay anything, so you get off on charging more for it? Its like the subprime mortgage crisis, these motherfuckers are betting and profiting from our loss

Let’s take a second to think about this. You’re brought to this world, grow up and become a contributing citizen to society. You leave college and are on your own for the first time, but because of your student loans and other things you’ve used to get by, while achieving a degree of higher education, you have not so good credit. When you attempt to purchase a house, your cost is higher. You try to buy a car, your paying more for that luxury. Need credit cards, yeah, that’s a no go. What is the answer for the person dealing with these problems? How do they keep going? 

It’s almost as if the credit companies receive joy or pleasure from this unavoidable scheme. Do they get stronger with each person they cheat? What course of action is available to the people impacted by this farce? Should people with bad or subpar credit just give up and become homeless? Are these people working jobs that undermine their experience or talent? Do they have outrageous bills? I often wonder about these questions and many more when thinking about credit. 

The truth of the matter is, credit is used everywhere to make decisions. It even has bearing on your job choices. How did America get this way? It doesn’t just limit your options on what you can buy, rent or own with credit; it limits the options available to you in other areas as well. When did America agree to this? How long will it be before an individual is left with no employment opportunities but crime? How long will it be before the crime bosses need good credit from their people that engage in illegal endeavors? 

Credit has already become a requirement when running for any political position. I don’t remember your ability to pay off a loan being one of the things needed to run for anything previously, but now a politicians career is in shambles if their TRW looks bad. That’s not even right, but Republican presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio, can attest to the need for good credit. Rubio’s opponents ran all over him because his credit wasn’t up to snuff, or on par with theirs. That shouldn’t matter in politics, it’s been proven over the last three to four decades that your knowledge or skill in managing money has no bearing on your ability to govern. 

When do we, as Americans wake up to the truth? At what time do we, as a people, recognize the game that is being played against us? We must stand up. We must demand a change in the way America chooses to treat it’s poor, downtrodden and destitute citizens. Please understand, dear reader, I am no paragon of great financial management, but I can see that things are not exactly right in this system that we have to endure. I am just a person writing about the world I see everyday. Which is why this site is named WISE words. We should all enjoy the life that we live. I appreciate you, the reader, giving me any part of the precious time that you have and thank you for reading. 


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