Citizens lives matter. (The police shooting epidemic, the blue wall and why BLM may not be successful)

Another officer involved murder occurred this week, while the video tape of yet another man being shot murdered by police was circulating through the media channels. This most recent murder has caused me to rethink the blog I was writing today in lieu of voicing my opinion on this dire issue that we Americans now face. Law enforcement, lol, I laugh because there has never been a body of people that did that job. Enforce the law. Ok, now, back to my point. The police forces of America have made it clear that they are unable to enforce laws without resorting to the murder of their civilians and in so doing, fail to live up to the code that is plastered on their cars. “To serve and protect.” 

These people are not the end all be all of law. The penultimate voice on what is legal or illegal, he’ll, they break the law more than criminals but they are allowed to continue to murder their citizens at an alarming rate. It’s as if they have a point system set up in these municipalities that tabulates and distributes points based on the ethnicity of the citizen killed. I continue to say citizen because that is what each of the victims of these killers are, their citizens. 

They have no regard for the lives that pay their salaries and it shows. I’m not talking about stuff I don’t know. My sister was recently stopped for a suspended registration, I was riding passenger in the car and was a bit apprehensive about how the stop would progress. Almost immediately a police officer broke the law, not even 10 minutes into the traffic stop. Do you, my faithful readers know that the police cannot question your passengers? It’s illegal. The passenger is not the driver of the car and as such cannot be asked to provide information about themselves. I asked the officer that came to my window that exact question and the guy got an attitude. It was like I wasn’t or shouldn’t know the laws that govern us, the tax payer, and how dare I bring up the laws to a law man. 

Why act like that to your employer? Why go against every tenet that you swore to uphold when you took that oath? Is the to serve and protect rule only used when dealing with socialites and politicians?
While reading the MSN report about the victim Philando Castile, I notice one shocking fact.
“Castile is at least the 506th person shot and killed by police so far in 2016, according to a Washington Post database that tracks such shootings.
He is one of 123 black Americans shot and killed by police so far in 2016, according to the database. About 10 percent of the black Americans shot and killed were unarmed at the time of the shooting, while about 61 percent were armed with a gun”Michael E. Miller, Wesley Lowery, Lindsey Bever

That’s an incredible statistic, that all of us should pay attention to, know and be able to pull up when another murder occurs. The other thing I noticed about those stats is that the vast majority of people killed by the police are not black. Did the person who thought up this black lives matter movement think about this when creating it? Are the other people who aren’t black collateral damage? I think not, which is why I don’t see the movement making any headway. When you separate a group and say this group is the only people dealing with this issue, you separate that group from others who are dealing with the same thing. 

I wish I would have started blogging earlier because then everyone would know that I think all lives matter. Citizens lives matter. Suspects lives matter. We should not be the freaking target practice for the police. Their crash test dummies as they learn how to handle and subdue us. It is not relegated to one ethnicity and it should be more than one group crying out in anger and protest about what is going on. This is happen to all of us. We, as Americans, should matter to the people who are supposed to lay down their lives for us. Now it just seems like the most minute threat requires a deadly bullet. Running away from the officer, shot. Talking back to the officer, shot. Reminding the officer of your rights as an American, shot. 

I don’t think this is how that organization of killers was meant to run. Don’t get me wrong dear reader, I know there are a large amount of officers who can diffuse a situation without resorting to bloodshed. Officers who figure out other recourses besides killing someone. I am not talking about those officers. I am talking about the epidemic that is occurring where the police have justification for killing citizens, white, black or other; because they are killing whites as well. 

As you can see, I feel a particular way about this thing that is happening and I want to voice my opinion. We must stand together America. We must make the murder of any citizen, by the people who should be protecting us, a terrible crime. We must demand that inquest be conducted by the citizenry, not a portion of the same company. We must demand action for all those people who can no longer demand it for themselves. 

It is often funny how people do not rise up as a collective group until it impacts them. Well I don’t know if you’re counting folks but unless you are of a strange new alien race that has just be found in the US, this impacts you. Sorry for the rant and thank you for reading. I included the story of Mr. Castile’s murder below. Thanks for your time.


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