A sign that things are better on the east coast.(The astronomical price of living in the city.)

What the hell is going on in New York? I watched the movie 5 flights up, starring Diane Keaton and Morgan freeman. In it there’s a couple that is selling their apartment while trying to buy another one. The crazy thing about it is the apartments that they view as a place to stay, are like $900k FOR A ONE BEDROOM. What is that? How the hell do those people live? How much are they making annually. I’ve done some research and the median income in New York City is a little over $50k. That doesn’t make sense to me. How can the median income be so low but apartments so high? Are they trying to get rid of the middle class in that city? 

Let’s take a second to think about this craziness. There are apartments that are almost a million dollars but there aren’t that many people who can afford these apartments, in the city. Where do these people live? Is there some area that’s designated for the middle class and below? I understand that these uber expensive apartments are in areas that have high demand but what what is going on out there? 

I wonder if all of these apartments are occupied and if they are, what do these people do for a living? Seriously people, I am floored by those outrageous prices. I am a man that has lived almost all of his time on the west coast and just imagining these prices are insane. I couldn’t see myself doing it. I couldn’t talk myself into buying one of those apartments. 

The cool thing about the apartment prices in New York is the fact that, this shows the economy is doing better. It has to be, for the prices to be so high. I can imagine that all of these places were empty as hell during the crash of ’08. Just empty places that couldn’t get sold, no matter the deal. Is that why the prices are so high now?

I haven’t checked the prices for real estate in California, but I now wonder if it’s the same thing. I know San Francisco is becoming pretty expensive, but is it reaching New York City standards? Are any of you, faithful readers, living in the city of New York? Do you have one of these special, in demand, apartments that cost more than millions make in a lifetime? If you are, awesome, but what the hell is wrong with you? Is it a requirement for you to live in that city? 

I tell you guys, with every question I ask, a million more come to mind. I just never imagined things were going so good in New York. I couldn’t comprehend how comfortable the people were when discussing the amount that the apartment would cost. I kept waiting for someone to say, “We can’t afford it.” But that never happened, nope, they just wrote a check for the amount. 

I think it’s awesome that apartments cost that much in New York but I will never live in the city. I just can’t wrap my mind around paying that much to live in a city. I can’t see the reason to spend so much just to sleep in a place that would be much cheaper in another place. If you’re living in one of these place, way to go, you’re insane. You may be well off, but in my opinion, you are one crazy mother. If you live in a city with these kind of prices for apartments and you don’t make enough to buy one. You’re insane. What the hell are you doing in a place with those prices. 

I leave you with one final question about the cost of living in New York. If the prices are so high for dwellings, what are the prices for things like a slice of pizza? 

*Update: After I posted this blog, I went on a website that discussed how a molded home in Seattle sold for over 400k. According to experts, this purchase is a sign that problems are coming in real estate. Could the high cost of homes in New York be a sign of the same?


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