Poring through the large amount of writing resources available.(Finding the path of writing through the Internet)

If most of you couldn’t tell, I’ve been working toward becoming a professional in the world of writing. In today’s world, finding the proper path to achieving such a lofty goal can progress faster by using the Internet. However the Internet is not an easy beast, there is vast wealth of resources and advisors on the Internet for writers. Poring through all of the options available has been difficult and at times, down right overwhelming. With so many options available on the Internet, how does an emerging author make the correct decision? Of the options that are available to an author, which one will get them a agent, a freelancing gig, a blog or just a place to post their work? 

As I stated in the beginning of this blog, I am trying to sift through the assets available to writers and discover a winning formula. The Internet doesn’t make it easy. My research has shown that the neophyte author has a plethora of resources available, so many sites set up for the would be author. There are sites that allow you to post your story for review by their community like scriggler and reddit. Sites that promote your ebook like, shout my book and book tweeters. I mean I can go at this all day folks, but I won’t. 

How does the writer find their way through this deluge of information? What’s the proper course of action to my ultimate goal? Are any of these real? Can I trust them with my precious story?These are all questions I ponder, as I drudge through the deluge of “resources” available to the budding writer. Trying to find a verified path to what I desire. Have any of you dealt with this issue? Have you seen the vast number of options to choose from when trying to publish your work? Was the choice easier for you? 

I ask these questions as I struggle to find a way in this business. The path seems littered with pitfalls and I feel any wrong step could lead to my end. Just sifting through the possibilities seems like a daunting endeavor with too much at stake to make a mistake. There is no correct path, that I have seen, but I believe that perseverance will pay off in the end. Just observing the sheer volume of authors with published work on the Internet, gives me hope. 

I wish that I could give all of you some helpful advice or a sure fire path to your goals but it will not be the same for all of us. There is just no way to predict the path that will work for you. No way to foresee the obstacles that will litter your path. All I can say is keep your head up, nose to the grindstone and fight for what you want. Believe in what you are capable of and work in a way that makes things fun and easier for you. The only person who can stop you from reaching or even achieving your goal, what you desire, is you. Push the negative voice aside and get it done. 


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