The disparity of things for tall people.(how I cope with a short world)

I am six foot seven inches tall and I weigh about 263 pounds, on a good day. I often walk around with a serious chip on my shoulder for the things I call short people ish. You guys always seem to have the best clothes and everything in the world is made for you. I often find myself in a huge bind when I try to do some of the things that people shorter than me are able to do. Taller people all have the same issue and when we see each other we almost always say the same thing. Why is the world fashioned for the short? 

Getting on an airplane, walking through a doorway, he’ll shopping for clothes all are difficult things that we manage to endure. When we walk into a doorway we have to lower our heads. Getting into a car for us, is like being a contortionist, getting out is even worse. Every endeavor done takes a level of agility that most of us are not lucky enough to have. There is nothing like ducking into a hatchback to make a person feel out of place. 

Buying clothes is an effort in futility. The clothes that we find cute or think that we would look good in are never in our size. Shoes that were made by people just like us are impossible to find in our sizes. When we do find an item that may be worn by us, it is often years out of fashion or so just too ugly to place in our closets, let alone on our bodies. It’s insane. Like, how does a fashion designer use the tallest women they can find to model their clothes but mass produce the same outfit for smaller people. We can never find what we need in stores and going on the Internet is annoying; who likes to buy clothing that they are unable to try on? 

Airplanes are the worse. You, faithful reader, can’t imagine how terrible it is to see the small gap between seats and recognize that you, the tall person have to fit yourself into that space. Knees smashed into the seat back of the one in front of you. Better not have the urge to use the bathroom, now that’s some real work. I, myself, love seeing the world fly by as I’m traveling but the thought of squeezing by other passengers, just to fit into a bathroom that was made for a person a foot shorter, is a chore. 

Suffice to say, I have dealt with some real issues being tall. I can only imagine the difficult time my youngest, who now stands five foot seven at eleven years old, will deal with in her life. Will she be able to find fashionable clothing when she starts shopping for clothing! Right now, she wears clothing that older women wear. Im hoping that she stops growing now, but I believe that she will get to at least six feet tall. It’s awesome that she will be tall but I think she will be dealing with the same issues and having the exact same feeling about the world. Do they just think that we don’t exist? Are there any designers that recognize the error of not making clothing for people our height?

I’m sure that the mass majority of you have no clue of the things that I’m talking about but I hope that you can sympathize with the issues I’m discussing. Things are hard but being tall has advantages for us as well. There’s nothing like going into a grocery store and being able to grab anything you want without assistance. Opening a cabinet and seeing everything that’s inside. If you’re saying, Washington those aren’t the best perks for the height, then you’re correct my friend. Being a tall person in a short world does not have a lot of perks. I mean, sure you get a lot of attention, but you can only take the, “Whoa, you’re very tall.” for some time but it gets old fast. 

I’m sure the world will recognize the taller people in the world, there are more of us coming every day but I just needed to vent because I deal with this now. I am able to work through most of the things I listed but there are others that are almost impossible to endure. I make due with what I am offered and figure I don’t need the stuff that wasn’t made for me. 


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