Pet peeve Monday. (A day to talk about your pet peeves before the week gets started.)

Ok, guys. Iim adding another daily thing to the website. This is something I hope can take off and get others involved. It’s called pet peeve Monday. The point of pet peeve Monday is to tell everyone about your pet peeves. Things that get on your nerves and cause you to get annoyed. I can start it off with a perfect example. This young fellow I know says the word Bruh, every time something happens throughout the day. Get excited about a Pokemon, bruh. See something exciting, bruh. That’s basically the point. 

Pet peeve Monday is just a way for all of us to get to know a little more about each other on this huge thing that we call the Internet. I figure that I might not get a lot of responses for my initial day of this, so I’m just going to list a few and call it a day. 

Older women wearing younger ladies clothing. That really tees me off. It’s like, don’t you know you had your turn at that? Look good at your age. 

Older men with younger women. I get it, you’re still a Mac, but come on, if you wanted to sleep with your daughter you should have done it. 

The tutorial stage in app video games. I hate this, i figure that all of us know what the question mark is in the upper right corner of the screen and at any time we can tap that if we wanted instruction, 

The way the women act in black reality television shows. Ok look, hear me out. Please don’t get me wrong I enjoy seeing the women but I find myself more attracted to the ones that don’t get into the drama. I don’t want to go anywhere with a woman I have to worry about bailing out at the end of the night. 

The fact that they did so you think you can dance kids. I might have lost more fans with this one also but again, hear me out. I love the show and have watched every episode. I understand that shaking things up is needed, but they didn’t have to add Jason and Paula. I liked the hot tamale train. I liked the other judges. I don’t have anything against the new judges but, come on man. 

The short amount of episodes that constitute a “season” of GoT. I know I’m not the only one, let’s hear that shit! I mean come on dude. They do like seven episodes, if it’s more, it doesn’t feel like it and that’s it. We left thirsting for more and feeling short changed. Has anyone seen the shoe “The Originals?” The show is like twenty,thirty episodes a season. That’s a show. 

What the hell happened to turn signals? Oh my dear spirit, that annoys the light balls out of me. I just cannot understand what in the world did these people do when they took the driver’s test? Dukes of hazard? I’m always expecting the car that zooms past me, quickly cutting me off to have the song from the general lee blasting from the horn. 

The e-cig injustice. Ok, I quit smoking, cold turkey, five months ago. I have been doing good and I’m pretty proud of how I have done. The thing that gets me is how the e-cigarette people are able to smoke in so many places that cigarette smokers can’t. It’s bias bullshivits.

How we’ve lost our connection to each other thanks to technology. I know we all need it. I love my iPad and type everything on it. I’ve gotten so good with my iPad that I can type without looking. We love our devices and their our new best friend but people are always head down now. They are so focused on their devices that they miss the world. 

That I never believe in myself enough to go for what I envision. Have you ever had that friend that talks to you about stuff and it sounds strange as hell but it becomes truth? Ever have the person who says “I would like to build this.” You laugh at them and that invention is created by someone else? I’m the crazy friend, I’m the guy that can talk about the crazy stuff that could be created then see someone else do it first. Uber, my idea. The hyper loop, my idea. The holographic keyboard, MY IDEA. It’s annoying. 

So that was my last and biggest pet peeve,today, because I have more. It’s just some things to get the juices going for you guys, see if I can get a spark out of ya. Comment below with your own pet peeve and thanks again for reading. 


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