My excitement knows no bounds. (The feeling I get every four years.)

Every four years, I get this spurt of adrenaline. This feeling that anything is possible. Four years ago, I was jumping at the bits, ready to sit down and view the world through the lens of the Olympics. If you’re just like me, then you love this time as well. A time when the feeling of hope is palpable, the excitement real. It makes my year when I get to watch the summer Olympics. 

My family can never understand why I love these events, even when I try to explain it to them. The Olympics allow me to see the greatest athletes in the world compete. Seeing all that the world has to offer on a stage that was built for them makes me giddy. I feel like a school girl that just got asked to prom. Where else can a person go to see the worlds fasting running man, swimmer or gymnast? Where do you go after the finished the qualifiers and are ready for the real deal? Where do we turn for visions of the greatest of our people doing what they love to do? The Olympics is a place where anything is possible and everything is a competition. 

Can any of you feel it? The wonder of the Olympics? Even if it’s in Rio and things don’t sound like they are going good out there, it’s still going to be one hell of a show. I love everything about the summer Olympics. It may have something to do with my time in track but I don’t think so. Even before I was old enough to run I watched the Olympics. My mother and I watched it, she would talk about the countries that appeared with such reverie. Give me insights on the events as they were shown and talk forever about the love she felt for the world’s fastest runner, at that time, Michael Johnson. 

I can tell them that my mother made the Olympics for me but since her passing, I’ve chosen not to. The Olympics remind me of a past that annoyed me as a youth but I would pay dearly for today. It’s a way to remember the things I’ve seen in my life and long for the things still left to see. It was through these wonderful times that I learned about the races that span the globe. 

It’s through the Olympics that I see a difference of character that is so foreign to the country I call home. I watched as a shaking, but still proud, Mohammed Ali lit the torch. I saw the incredible dolphin, known as Michael Phelps exhibit his talent. It is through the Olympics that I see, the incredible scope of the world that we live in. It is through the Olympics that I see the chance still available to our race, the human one. That time is here again folks and I can tell you now, this one will be epic. 

The Olympics start on August 5 this year, that’s a week away folks. Get your groups together, plan for all the incredible athletes, and enjoy the chance to view the beautiful city known only as Rio. I got my apps downloaded, because I’m coming to a crunch at work. My DVR is set and I’m trying to keep my excitement tame, until that torch is lit. 


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