Pet peeve Monday(What’s bothering you?)

It’s that time again my friends, pet peeve Monday. It’s a chance for everyone who visits my blog to tell us about something that bothers them. As usual, I will post ten things that I find annoying, aggravating or just plain wrong and hope that some of you readers can do the same. Remember folks, this is just my opinion, enjoy. 

The choices we are left with in this election. Ok, I know some of you think that the two candidates that we have are some of the worst choices out there but just think about this one thing. How many times have we had candidates that we’re dealing with court cases while they were running for office? I haven’t nor do I feel the need to research it, I just think that this will be one hard decision to make, come November.

The commercials for drugs. I mean has anyone seen these things? You want to fix a wart on your toe, no problem, you might die though. It’s crazy. It’s like they think we are stupid or something. Want to know what I think? They (the pharmaceutical companies) are using us as test subjects. PETA has made it almost impossible to test things on animals, and who or what do you think they will use instead? Damn sure not their children. 

The way rap has fallen off. I don’t know if you like it, but I grew up with it and it’s as much a part of me as writing. Hell, I have recorded some songs. Didn’t do too much with them because I recognized the robbery system that is perpetrated by some music companies. My problem today is the lack of talent in the rap game today. Sure there are some good ones like Hopsin, Drake(when he isn’t crooning), ASAP Rocky and so on but this guys are rare. The dime a dozen pimp, the want to be Mac and the super rich broke guy; these are the people that have the ear of rap fans today and they are destroying them. 

The lack of true diversity in Hollywood. I know you’re saying, oh here we go, another whine about black people and their inequality. Well, yeah it’s true that there’s a lot of it in regards to African Americans but I walk to talk today about more than my black brothers and sisters, and the jobs that are available to them in Hollywood. I’m talking about the lack of diversity when it comes to casting on most movies, that could have been so much better with someone else in key roles. I’ll give you and example, Jennifer Lawrence in the last Xmen movie. She didn’t want to do that role, that one will be peeve 5 but let me get back to this one. Mark Ruffalo as the hulk. Sure some of you may have liked him in the role but I thought Ed Norton did a fantastic job a Dr. Banner, and I loved his hulk. 

Actors who hate the roles that give them followings. Daniel Craig doesn’t want to be James Bond. Kirsten Dunst was tired of doing Mary Jane. Jennifer Lawrence complains and hates to wear the blue makeup that makes her Mystique, one of my best characters in the Xmen series. I could go on with this, but my thing is, why do these people get tired of roles that in some cases, make them known actors?  

The unfairness of “Parent’s Day’s.” My fellow father can attest to this one. Mother’s Day seems like one of the most important days in the world, but Father’s Day is treated like a red headed step child. They treat us like we don’t even deserve a break on that day, but if you treat a woman the same way on Mother’s Day, oh, then there’s hell to pay. I am normally the one my wife uses as the bad cop to her good cop. I’m the one who, no matter how much she argues about equality, have to do the man things like changing the flat tire. Father’s Day comes and I can’t even get a pecan pie for my troubles. 

The extra few minutes that are missed when you DVR shows. This one can get upsetting. Do any of you use TiVo or DVR? Ever notice that you can set up a show to record but by some strange miscalculation, it will miss those last few minutes of a show? There have been times when I’m getting enthralled in a show and have the ending just taken away, the DVR didn’t record it. It’s like I told you to record the damn show, that last five minutes that you missed are a part of the show. Damn you, not smart, trying to be smart devices. 

The new in app purchase or downloadable content system with video games. I remember when video games were given to the gamer in its entirety. I mean I like the extra content but why do I have to pay to add something a game I own? It’s my game, I paid for it, but I have to pay more? 

Daylight savings time. This is such a rip off. I lose an hour of my sleep for so people that don’t even understand the concept of what is going on? Come on. I get it, the system was made to give us an extra hour of daylight in the summer months but what about the people that live in areas that don’t need an extra hour of daylight? Arizona, Las Vegas, places where an extra hour of sunshine means an extra hour of baking hot sunlight. 

Political ads. Oh my great spirit, why!? Everyone is a bad person according to their competitors. Their opponent is the worst politician to walk the planet, yet if you do your research in many cases these people are taken out of context. Something gets left behind in the carryover. It’s so deceptive and its animal crap at its finest. It’s like they think we’re idiots or lemmings that want, nay, need to get led to the right answer. 

That’s my ten this week. As always, I would love to hear some of you, the readers gripes about the world, or even a response to what I’ve written here. Enjoy the day and thanks for reading. 


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