Pet Peeve Monday(Come on people, let’s hear some peeves

It’s that time again. Another PPM that’s Pet Peeve Monday, for any newcomers. It’s something I started a couple weeks ago, to have something different, from me just blogging my insights, on Monday. I ask that others comment but I never get any interaction, but I’m not giving up on you guys, so here we go. 

1.The bridge between consoles. I don’t get it. I have both consoles and they each have issues. I don’t think either one is better than the other, hell they come with the same games most of the year. My thing is, why can’t these guys work together to allow gamers to connect and pawn someone on either console? I wouldn’t have a problem with being able to communicate with my friends playing Xbox when I’m playing PlayStation. Maybe it’s just me. 

2. The Politically correct world that we live in today. This person said this behind closed doors?They feel what when they are alone? It’s ridiculous that a person is constantly apologizing for something they say in private, off the record or however they’re busted. When did we become so sensitive? There’s a word for freaking everything and an accidental use of the wrong word, is understandable, but often costly to way too many people, in my opinion. I’m not saying people should just go around saying anything they want to, no. Im simply saying, making someone apologize for something they said doesn’t change that person; so why force them to do it? 

3.The death of Saddam Hussein. Just hear me out. I remember a time when we, Americans, dealt with little to no terrorist attacks. Yes we had them but they weren’t the weekly thing that we see now. I believe that that man, yes I know the truth of Hussein, do you? I believe that his influence in that region was stronger than we know. I believe his control, the loss of it, may have cost us dearly. We will get through this, we’re Americans after all, but did we have to? 

4.Arguments. I hate getting into them with anyone. They way I feel when I’m dealing with an argument, is a person that I find myself enjoying and I hate that person. It’s like the little red guy in the movie “Inside out” takes over for the foreseeable future and woe to anyone who has to deal with me then. Meditation is a wonderful thing but again, the red guy has control and the center that’s needed during those times is harder to reach. 

5.Growing older. It’s the cruelest joke in the world. You go through this life in the beginning trying to rush to an older age, then you get older and it’s like, wait, can I go back. It takes forever to reach maturity but once you’re there, things start flying. The years just flow by and before you know it, you’re looking at a television commercial with music, you listened to as a child, being called the oldies. It is a travesty, ladies and gentlemen. 

6.Identity theft. Oh, now this one is upsetting. Imagine you attempt to buy something, using cash and you have a problem because someone stole you’re identity. Attempt to get a loan for a start-up, oh no my friend, you owe money for something you didn’t even buy. You go through the natural channels to get things fix and the thing is still happening. I mean this person is living the life, with your life and there’s no real recourse for the victim. No repayment of monetary gains lost. No apology for the hindrance to your ability to get a home. Screw you, oh wait, I already did. 

7.The technological disparity between the movies and real life. Don’t laugh at me but I want a light saber damnit. I’m older yes but I still want one. A computer like Johnny Mnemonic and clothes like Marty McFly. They don’t have to be the exact versions but shouldn’t we be closer to that technology? Shouldn’t we be flying in our own cars? Aren’t we supposed to be arguing with our personal robot chefs about what to cook tonight? I’m saying, aren’t we the most advance nation in the world? We’re on our way with personal space travel but that was yesterday’s dream, we have bigger dreams than just outer space, I hope. 

8.Rejection letters. This may be whining but it’s a pet peeve of mine. No matter how much you pad yourself from the inevitable, just getting a no to something you work hard to write, is terrible. It’s like the rejectionist is saying you’re not good enough. There’s nothing to do but go after it again, but getting the “No’s”” can really get upsetting. I hated being told no as a child and I hate it now. 

9.Men’s bathrooms. Oh, they’re so disgusting. Why are dudes like that? One of the most annoying things I have to deal with at work, is walking into one of the men’s bathrooms and seeing the new disgust that has been left by someone. Can you flush the freaking toilet? Please!? Tissue goes in the toilet, if it’s not on the roll damnit. Oh, my personal favorite, did you just walk out of the toilet stall and not wash your hands? Ew!? I hear women are nasty and if they can touch what a bathroom is subjected to from men, then wow; y’all nasty. 

10.Cops in movies. I know you all have seen this. The criminal is coming out of a building shooting at the police, the cops return fire; the criminal starts dropping cops with incredible ease. What happened to all the years of training that police officers go through to shoot guns? Do they forget all of this training when faced with criminals? Does the person have to be unarmed? I could help it, sue me. Police officers in movies are the most inept character ever put in those scenes. They are unable to deter any would be threat and are often fodder for incredible marksmen, drivers and fighter, that just mow through them like paper. It’s so annoying. I find myself yelling at the screen saying, “When would a cop do that? Oh, now they can’t shoot? Who taught them how to drive?” It goes on and on. 

Those are my pet peeves for this Monday. I hope some of you guys decide to either like, no do it all. Like, comment and resend this weeks pet peeve Monday to your friends. I appreciate the time you folks have given me today and hope to speak with you again next week. 


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