Pet Peeve Monday(Throw some peeves down guys, get it off your chest)

It’s that time again. Monday is here and with it another PPM. As usual, I ask that some of you place a comment about something that annoys you. I will go ahead and get it started. 
Beautiful actresses. I doubt those two words go together or should. I find that women who look very good on screen are some of the worst actors. They suck at the roles they’re given. Megan Good, can never do a good job. Jennifer Lopez, she tries but it never seems like enough. I’m not saying that beautiful women can’t act but today’s beautiful actress, often do sent have the chops to keep up with other less attractive actresses. 

Racism. I plan on writing a blog about this one but I have to get it out, as a peeve because, of the current turmoil in our country. I don’t get it. I see a person, as a person, without stereotypes as I progress throughout my day. I don’t understand how a person can judge another person because of the color of their skin. 

Political ads. It’s another year of political attack ads, I’m the better candidate politics and all the other rhetoric that ruins my Olympics every four years. The terrible comments and lack of thought or regard for American voters is disrespectful and I abhor it every four years. 

Price matching. This is so stupid. We all know that retailers charge outrageous prices for their products, that’s nothing new. The new thing is they want us to get in on finding the prices of their competitors, as if they didn’t know it already. I mean lets be real. If you go into Best Buy, you can bet your ass the televisions there are more expensive than let’s say wal-mart, and vise versa. You’re telling me that the only way you were informed about the super high price of your product is through my need for a cheaper price on the stuff I want to buy? PLEASE. It’s a load of crap that people are all to happy to say a store does. It’s like, wow, so they price match. That’s the reason you’re bragging about this store? They had some super high prices for items in their store and didn’t know they were super high priced until you, the diligent shopper, informed them. I think retailers are like, “whoa, ok, you busted me. I will lower the prices now that you know I’m charging too much. Aren’t I a good place to shop, since I let you tell me about the cheaper product of my competitors and lowered mine to match?

Paid parking. Casinos in Las Vegas have decided to charge their customers to park at their properties. That’s crap. You’re telling me, I have to pay to lose my money? Yes your slots are the loosest and your dealers are all nice but in the end you will get yours. There is a saying in Vegas, “The house always wins.” So knowing that, I have to give up more of my money to frequent your establishment. Here’s the real kicker, they gave locals a whole five months to get accustomed to the fact that they too would have to pay to park at these resorts. What about your employees casinos? 

Parking tickets. Oh, these little assassins of timing are ridiculous. You put money in the meter for two hours then have some kind of situation which makes it impossible to get back to the meter in time, now you’re paying more money. I know what you’re saying,”Why not just pay more, then there is no surprises.” Ha, have you tried the ones with a limit on the time? The freaking parking enforcer is like a defensive end. Waiting for the time to fly by, so they can snatch it out of the sky and write it on your ticket. Oh, no, you missed it by that much. 

The bus system in Las Vegas. It’s a joke. No matter how much you plan for it, you can still end up late, dealing with the bus system. Not only that, the state of some of these buses is insane. Why would you dump all of your trash on the seat? Is this how you act at home? Oh, you have a big profit from being one of the only forms of transportation in the city, what do you do? Why raise the price of fare. It’s ridiculous. 

What’s charged to the tax payers. Las Vegas just got its first professional team this year and guess who is paying for the stadium? That right folks, we are paying for it. Don’t get me wrong, a professional team in Vegas would be awesome but why am I paying a billionaire that will make money off of this team? Do the locals get a cut of the revenue from seating? Are we entitled to discounts on products, fare, anything in the blasted building? So why are we the ones stuck with the bill for building a home for this rich guys investment? Why are we the ones who have to supply a home and a profit? How many of you are given a subsidy for the investments you make? 

Renewable energies uphill battle with traditional energy sources. This is a travesty in motion folks. Let me ask you this. If you live in a city with almost 15 hours of wind, wouldn’t it seem like a no brainier to have turbines rolling? If youre in a city that has sunshine almost all day long, everyday, wouldn’t the smart move be to use that natural resource? Why is it becoming so hard to benefit from the things that humans are given naturally? Las Vegas, no Nevada, should be the home to solar energy companies, manufacturing and everything in between. This should not be something that companies go to an entire different country to purchase, it should be made here. 

The publics interest in what I’m doing. This is one of the worst things I deal with when riding public transportation. Have you had someone peer over your shoulder at what you’re doing on your mobile device. I had a guy try to tell me what words I should use in a find puzzle, the worst part about this guys advice is it was totally wrong. I mean he tapped me on the shoulder saying, “you only have such and such word to choose from on the list.” Funny thing, there were more than twenty options available. I wanted to say get out of my game but instead, I just shook my head at the guy and waited for my stop. 
That’s it for today’s PPM. I hope to get something from you guys this time. Enjoy your Monday and thanks for your time. 


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