Pet Peeve Monday. (A chance to get what annoys you off of your chest.)

We are back at it again. It’s another Monday and that means, another Pet Peeve Monday. I am writing this to talk about things that annoy, not only me, but my readers as well. I try to get out ten things that I find annoying and hope that they inspire some of the readers to comment with a peeve of their own. Now, with the into out of the way, let’s get to some things that I find annoying. 

Tyler Perry movies. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but watching movies made by Mr. Perry, are some of the most annoying things I can do with my time. I have nothing against Tyler Perry, I just don’t like the stories he produces. I think he is a talented story teller but there are some other stories that he could put out that broadens the portfolio for black people. There are just way too many things that can be done, that haven’t been done. 

Tutorials in games. I’ve been playing this new game, some gamers probably heard of it; No Man’s Sky. The first thing I noticed about this game is that the tutorials are limited, there is no taking you by the hand and leading you through the first few levels. I got put on a foreign planet and told to fix my ship. I have been playing games for a long time. I have played them for so long that I now work on them. I don’t need a person to tell me how to play a game. Just put the character at go, tell me what my goal is in the game and get the hell out of the way. I can figure out how to use every skill you’ve thought of adding to your character, just let me enjoy the story you created. 

Subprime loans. Why is this still a thing? Have we not learned from our repeated mistakes? It seems like the only way to get rich, is by stealing money from the poor. Why? Isn’t there enough money to go around? It drives me crazy to think that we are still falling for the same trap being perpetrated again and again. When will we learn from this mistake? When do we stop being the wallet for these idiots failed investments? I know, this time they have parameters, regulations in place that will keep Americans protected from the next bubble, but come on. Are we these people? 

Free donuts. Woah people. I know I’m making enemies but hear me out. I just find it wild that we are in this time when everyone is trying to be health conscious, but what is the deal with free donuts? There are so many other great and quick breakfast snacks, that can be offered for free but we get donuts. 

Dead beat parents. People like to discuss or harp on how terrible men are as father’s but there are also women who can should be given the title of dead beat. Gold medalist Simone Biles has went through her whole life without having her parents around, and I thought that they were dead but after hearing what her father(Simone’s Grandfather turned father) said about her Simone Biles’ mom spoke out against the mistreatment of her, not the mistreatment of Simone, but the mother is talking about her mistreatment. What about your child woman? How do you feel about how you left your daughters hanging in the wind? Your father makes a truthful comment “We have our granddaughters because their mom is on drugs, the. It’s, “oh why do this to me.” No consideration for her daughter. It’s all about how she has been treated. 

Season finales. I hate em. It’s so annoying to get enthralled or engrossed in a television show then have it end for a break. It’s like come on man. Can we extend it for a little longer? The very fact that actors need a break after working half a year is insulting. Yes your show is good but shouldn’t you strike when the irons hot? Who’s to say if your fans today will watch your show tomorrow. 

The toilet. It hasn’t changed in a long time and it acts that way. The toilet is like a dirty spoiled little brat. You can’t change who they are and you have to keep cleaning them or they will make a mess everywhere. Toilets are second only to urinals in my opinion(urinal PPM coming for number 8. Toilets need a change. The way the flapper can be impeded is insane. The handle breaking is ridiculous. Everything that has to do with the fill tube; the float arm, fill valve, float adjustment; all of it, should be scrapped for something new. It’s annoying as hell to hear a toilet that was flushed over an hour ago, still pumping water. 

Urinals. What are the point of this fixture? Why are men all too happy to splash piss on their pants? I mean, guys, have you ever used a urinal with shorts on? That plopping feeling that you feel on your pants is the piss ricochetting off of that disgustingly useless apparatus. It’s even worse for taller men because the damn urinal is so much lower than we are. I know women know of urinals but don’t deal with them and that’s a good thing but come on. Don’t we have an answer to this yet?

Remakes. I know that this one will get a lot of heat but I am from a time when all of the movies that are being remade were originals. I loved the first poltergeist but the recent remake did not get that same emotion and I love Sam Rockwell. I just feel like there are way too many authors out there looking for a shot and way too many stories that need to be told. Why are we remaking old success stories? Make new stories that incorporate some of that old magic. Did you hear about the sister act remake! Why remake what was in my opinion the worst of the two sister act movies? I’m sorry, I just can’t see a black woman appearing in a convent without anyone noticing it. Especially in the those times. No one knew where she was, seriously? What kind of gangster was that? Sure there have been some remakes that surpassed the original but that occurrence is so sporadic that it can’t be used as an example. 

The lack of love for education. Where did you all learn to be what you are today? Who taught you how to write a sentence. Create a work of art. Conquer that pesky math problem. Who takes the hand of our children and attempts to lead them to a better future. Sure we do, but let’s be honest here, it’s our teachers. Why the hell are they one of the most financially impoverished people in our society? Second only to our treatment of our veterans. Why would we treat the people who build our society in such a way? Can you imagine what school would have been like with teachers that didn’t care about you being educated. A person who counted the number of test you take a year but not the progress you’ve made. What we(not you or me) but our country. Is doing to our teachers is abhorrent. There is no wonder that many decide to try different things. Is there anyone shocked that there is a teacher shortage in America? 

One extra. The treatment of our Veterans. This is deplorable. Why would we pay the people who protect us so little. How can a veteran soldier, someone who has been overseas almost more time than they have been in the country they serve, make less than a person on food stamps? Hell in some cases these brothers and sisters ARE on food stamps or some form of assisted living. That’s not right. 
Well that’s it for this week. I threw in the extra one because it was on my mind after talking about the treatment of teachers. Is there any that cause a stir? Do one or two of my Peeves, peeve you out? Let me know in the comments. Hell even if they don’t, just comment. Enjoy the day and again thank you for the Monday.


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