Yet another week of PPM. I’m getting a few responses but not many. I don’t know what is going on with reader participation but I can’t give up on you guys. So as per the weekly arrangement. Here I go again. Enjoy. 

Post coital urination. It’s ridiculous. I call it the two stream dilemma. Why does it happen? It doesn’t happen all the time but every time it does, I think of Jim Carrey in Me,Myself and Irene. He’s standing there trying to get the piss into the toilet then has to wrap himself in the shower curtain, it’s not that funny when it happens to you but it is funny. 

School zones. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for the things,but that doesn’t mean I can’t get upset when I get caught in one. There’s a new rule in Vegas that you can’t pass anyone when driving in a school zone. So if a parent decides to stop in front of you and drop off their kid, you have to wait. You can’t commit a u-turn and some other stuff. What the heck is going on. Are they trying to cause road rage with these rules? Just imagine if your waiting behind a mom in a mini van that got drop off duty for her block. That’s a lot of kids and you can’t pass up that vehicle? 

Not man’s sky and it deceptive sales tactics. I don’t know if you guys play vid o games or not but this game is not what they squad it would be. A lot of the things that sold the game in prerelease videos are not what we in the public were promised. No faction wars. No ship customization. The smallest bit of true space exploration, it has been dumbed down to almost every planet being the same. It has become a tedious step cousin of the game we were promised. 

Monday mornings. Everything bothers me on Mondays. I get upset almost every second on a Monday. I know it’s because the change from having days off, to work I but damnit, does it have to be so jarring. I enjoy my Sunday’s, well I did until we started working overtime at work on Sunday’s but I do enjoy my weekends and going back to work takes a lot. I’m feeling like Garfield right now, but no one is going to give me a platter of lasagna…oh…lasagna. 

Stuffed elevators. They are the worst, well smelly people in stuffed elevators are the worst but an elevator being stuffed with people is a close second. Have any of you ever dealt with this? You press the button for the elevator. One appears then as many as possible board that elevator. You press the button again, get an empty elevator, but people begin to rush into that one until it’s full. You’re stuck in the back, with barely any room. You guys have to understand, it’s worst for me. I stand six foot seven and weigh a cool 256. So the amount of room I need is expansive, yet I crush myself into a corner in one of these sardine cans and wait for the long ride down. 

People who rush into a close elevator. This is almost as bad as stuffing an elevator. What makes you think we want to wait for the door to close again after we took the time to let the door close. I hate the assholes who hold the door for these people more. Why would you fuck over my limited amount of time with your niceties? If I anted to be generous I would be ass. That is so annoying, it’s like I’m not trying to care about anyone but myself but I guess I should wait because you’re polite. 

People who drink the last amount of coffee in a pot and don’t make another pot. Oh this ish pisses me off. What the hell is wrong with some people? Why would you even drink what’s left in the pot if you don’t have intentions to make more? Didn’t your parents raise you better than this? What you have no home training? That is some selfish ish. I mean just think about it, you make two pots of coffee first thing in the morning and no, you don’t mind others drinking it, but when you feel the damn pot getting to the last dregs why not make more? Som I one was nice enough to make it to begin with, why can’t you do the same? 

People who smack while chewing. This is absolutely rude and gross. Ok, we get it, the food you’re eating is good, but why do we have to hear your teeth mashing into it? Why do we have to hear your tongue slapping against the top of your mouth? Shouldn’t eating be a private thing? I mean I love seafood but that doesn’t mean I want to see your food. 

Rude people who don’t appreciate when someone holds the door for them. Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking along and get to a door, then notice that someone else is coming towards that door, so you hold it. The person walks in, doesn’t say thank you, he’ll they don’t even throw out a thanks, nice, you’re the man, nothing. These people are as rude as the selfish coffee people. I mean I could have just walked in and not even noticed you, I bet then it would be something more like, I’m rude, not that they were. No, it’s never the person that does the wrong doing that recognizes it. It’s when they are done wrong that the world must pay. 

People who cut in front of you in line. What makes you more important? Why would you think that I don’t deserve the spot that I stood around waiting at. Why do people think they are more important than others and why does it take someone saying something to them for recognition to occur? I mean, do you think the cashier was waiting for you to arrive? Do you think your time is more valuable than mine? 

Well that’s it. Another ten done and the day is over. If I haven’t stated it before, I am coming to crunch time at work and my blog as well as my writing has suffered through this process but it’s almost over. I hope and beg that I get a lot more comments and peeves from readers. Thanks for the time.


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