No PPM.(Decided to go with a blog post today.)

This week I have decided to not post a pet peeve Monday and instead just write a blog. I’m not getting a lot of interaction with it, so, I’m going to try just blogging. With that in mind, my blog today will be about one of my pet peeves. I enjoy writing and the pet peeves was taking away my Monday. 

Today, I want to discuss the cruel joke that is growing old. I call it a cruel joke because if you’re older you remember the push to get to your current age. The “I can’t wait until I get older moments we had when we were younger. I mean we beg to age. We beg to be at a point in our lives when our body isn’t as strong. To have our bones become weak counterparts of their previous selves. 

Just think about this for a moment. You’re 22 years young, have the starry eyed dreams of being immortal, the next thing you know you’re freaking 40 and can’t remember where the time went. You had the crazy idea that you would love forever and nothing would stop you. You erroneously think that you are special. That the perils of time don’t apply to you. Where do we get this idea? What, do we think that our parents just had bad luck? I look back on that time amazed at what happened to the young man that held onto all of those beliefs; what the hell was I thinking? 

You think that you have all the time in the world to do what you want. All the time in the world to become who you want to be, but the joke is always there to bring you back down to reality. The joke is all too happy to take your hopes and dash them on your naive head. The joke will correct your erroneous beliefs and insure your inevitable path. No one is out of reach for the joke and all of us have to deal with its sense of humor. 

The joke is never noticed by the young and I often find myself laughing at its humor when it has its way with them. Sure, enough i was subjected to the injustice of time but it is always fun to see it catch another fool, as it has me. The joke beats at your once strong body. Devours your once nimble mind and eats away at your unconquerable spirit. The joke makes a mockery of everything we once thought we were and ensures that it wins in the end. 

There is no way to defeat the joke, so I will leave you with the advice I give my children. Don’t rush towards the jokes punchline and make sure you’re where you want to be when the joke has you in its grasp. 


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