Automatons on the job. (Are Americans being handed their pink slips?)

Well, hello and welcome to 2017. I first have to apologize to anyone who is reading this. I took a break from posting any written kind of blog for several reasons and even though no one was actually reading what I was writing, I feel bad about just posting my “Quote Wednesday” but nothing else. I enjoy writing and I enjoyed the blog but there was a lot going on in my life and my writing, had to take a back seat. 

I am back now and I want to start things off new, make some changes to my writing. I recently left my job with take two, which frees me from my NDA and the limits, I felt, where being put on my writing. Limits not set by the company but I felt obligated to honor because I give everything I have to a company when I work for them. Now that I no longer have to worry about the backlash from my writing, I can write and say what I want. That’s liberating as hell. 

Today we are going to talk about something that I brought up previously, but I read a recent report on it and I just wanted to discuss it with you all again; Automation in the workplace. The reports are becoming more widespread. The stories are everywhere. Ten jobs that will be robotic jobs, automation replacing taxis, the list is growing. What I mean is the number of jobs that are being put on the list is growing. There are a large number of jobs that corporations are trying to give to automated employees and many people that are viewed as….no labeled as, “low skilled” workers are leaving the work force because of it. 

I don’t actually know what I expect anyone to do about the issue, but like I was saying, while reading my news reports I noticed an alarming number of stories regarding automation and employment. One reason that I felt the need to discuss this story again is what I read about paying humans to stay home. They are considering, or maybe I should say, one option being floated around is paying humans to stay home or work shorter shifts. I know a lot of people would sign on for that type of payoff, but nothing good could come from it.  

I can see it already. We will all be paid a small amount of money, maybe, $2000 a month, just to stay away from our jobs. Do you think people will be happy? When the need to work is taken away, and I’m not saying $2k a month takes away problems, but it will make things easier for a lot of people; will they be happy with that? I believe there is something in a large swathe of people, something that makes them worker bees. When the job is taken away from them, will they be comfortable or will they rebel against the system? Unable to find a purpose outside of being a worker, will they revolt against what is offered? 

I don’t know but it leaves me with some things to think about and a lot of questions. Where America is headed and what the country will be like in ten years. I have the best wishes for President Trump and his administration as they progress through their turbulent term but I have more hope for America. Check out the stories about automation that I posted links to below and thanks guys for your continued support. 

I saw this list and had to add it, thanks

Here’s the story I read earlier, I hope it scares you as much as it does me.


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