What dreams must come.

With the start of a new week, I want to talk to you folks today about your future. Now that we have a new president, I figure it’s time to discuss what we can do to make things better for ourselves. Please understand, I don’t plan on writing about politics in many of my blogs, that is until necessary. This one won’t be political either. Instead this is a suggestive blog post about thinking outside of the box. Doing what YOU can to make things better in your life, because the government doesn’t give a damn.

In the coming years, I expect many people to discuss the “American Dream” or what Americans want. I want to just talk about your dream, what does it for you. Now I’m not writing today to tell you what you should dream but to implore you to strive for them. With the way corporations are working and our current political climate, it’s best to either be working on your own IP or something that you can use to support your family. I’m no expert, nor am I some sort of prophet making predictions on what will happen in the future. I am just a reader of patterns and systems, not to mention I am educated in finance; these credentials are barely regarding but I think they are enough to give my opinion of things.

TRUTH: The financial gap between the middle class and the wealthy has increased to record numbers.

It’s no secret that the poorer are becoming poorer and the rich are getting richer. The middle class has almost disappeared. The new American dream is to be a business person, not to own a home. Our advancements in technology is one of the greatest contributors to this issue. The things that often took many people to do, can now be done by one person with a computer. If you read my previous blog, then you know that corporations are working on taking the person part out of that equation.

I get the sense that people will need to be making something of their own, just to get by, in the coming world. Just look at California. San Francisco is becoming a rich man’s city and soon others will follow the model. The question isn’t “What will you do then?” The question should be, “What will you do now?” Because waiting too long to make some effort towards your own anything, is time wasted and money gone.

I can honestly tell you that starting your own business is hard. Please excuse my French, children leave the room; let’s be real, starting a business is fucking hard. I know this from personal, backbreaking experience. I have the scars to prove it, but I fight on because that’s all I know. I can’t give up and I am no better than anyone reading this. You are capable of whatever you want, and now is the time to pursue it.

As I write this, I continue to hear something I would say to my children; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It always fit when I spoke to them about going through school toward their own life. I’m saying it now to all of you my friends as I start to wind down today’s blog post. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Start now to work toward your own something. We are all meant to do something in this world and sometimes it’s not what we think, sometimes it’s not what we want to hear, but it’s the truth. It’s also true that you can’t pay bills with dreams but pretty soon you won’t be able to pay the bills with working.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Writing these blogs are a source of comfort for me. Just being able to get what I’m thinking out is an incredible joy that I’m sure many others feel when blogging. Of course, blogging does nothing to assuage the nagging spirits that haunt me, begging for their chance to be introduced to the world but it is another way to do what I love. Thank you guys for reading and enjoy your Monday.


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