The Question and The Answer(Become what you were meant to be.)

With the first few weeks of the president being the discussion on everyone’s lips, it was hard to discuss anything besides politics when writing. I, of course, am going to try to talk about things less upsetting. So I’ve decided to just write about my own life, this week.
We recently loss another member of our family and I can’t help but notice the mass amount of loss that occurs in my family. I mean, I know death touches everyone but how often, dear reader, are funerals in your family? Do you have one or two a year? It’s hard for me to even think about it but my family has at least five deaths within our family, annually. It does not relegate itself to ages. It just chops through our family, like we alone are responsible for overpopulation.
The death of someone this early in the year just indicates that things are going to be hard. I guess that’s why it’s so easy to discuss something besides politics. Life is too short for the bullshit. I voted and can’t be blamed for any problems that arise after that. I can honestly say, take time to enjoy the people that matter in your life. Don’t worry about things you cannot change and change the things you can. None of us have a clue when the end will come, so enjoy whatever time you have.
I am not saying to go out there and damn what’s right, while you’re doing you. What I am saying is, there will come a time when the small, minute, petty things that inspire and goad us into action or decisions we make will cease to be a driving force in our life. When that time comes what will you do? There’s a quote that continues to play around in my head and I will pose it to you now. “If you did not have to worry about bills, if everything was paid for you. No utilities bills, no rent or mortgage, you have enough of everything to sustain yourself for life. What would you do? ” This is often what helps the family of a successful person, become successful. They don’t have to worry about the little things that a mass majority has to worry about and because of that, they can answer the question.

I am saying, find the time to answer that question. There are no rules to this life and seeing the amount of death that I have, has only solidified this belief. There is nothing we can do to deter the angel of death, so we should live each day to the fullest. Strive for what you desire, now. The death of another family member so close brings things into focus for me. Anyone reading this, that knows me, knows that we have had several deaths in our family. Deaths that have seriously impacted our family. Dealing with these deaths have caused me to review my motivations. I have thought about our, humans, path in life. The journey we take and the amount of time given to each of us to achieve our goal.
Each of us has a purpose. Something that we were put on this earth to achieve. Sometimes this goal is not an overt mission. It’s hidden, just under the surface, waiting for you to discover it. Then others are berated by their purpose; every waking moment a constant reminder that, you’re supposed to be doing something, now, this instant and time is growing short. Find that purpose, your purpose. Dig deep and discover what you were sent here to do.
Let’s look at it like this. I don’t believe in organized religion. I just can’t, with all the things I’ve seen in life, it’s impossible; but I believe there is a spirit or ultimate being that monitors our lives, not control it, just monitors. I believe this spirit, this soul, will be what we all encounter at the end of our lives. When we do meet this soul, it will ask us a few questions, one of those questions will be “Did you do what you were sent to do?” How will you answer this question?
*i also want to cite Beth Canener’s “The Question” image, I saw it and had to show it. Nothing but love and I do.


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