A clear path to freedom(The struggle and pitfalls of independence)

Recently I quit my job working in the gaming industry. Some of you are probably asking why would I do something like that? Well, put simply, I want to be my own boss. I don’t like the idea or thought that, I am making someone else rich. Sure, I was doing good, but doing good won’t pay my bills when I am unable to work. I wanted something that would make that little expense gauge rise. You know the expense gauge that financial advisors look at to determine investments. The gauge that says you have to have this much money to retire at this age and the amount of money you will get monthly.

The gauge of my monthly income, the income that is or will be required after my wife and I retire would need to be $4,500, just to keep our bills paid and have a little left over to do some things we are unable to do now because of work, like take a vacation. My employment was not going to make that happen. According to my own projected income, working the job for the next twenty years would leave me short by $1800 per person. So my wife and I would be living on less than $2000 a month. I don’t know about a lot of things but i do know business, I know finance. The rate of inflation alone would make that amount of money shit. Not to mention the cost of living twenty years from now, I mean, it’s already becoming difficult to live in tech cities in America. Just imagine what the world will be like twenty years from now.

So, I quit the job. It just wasn’t a feasible route to the income that we need. Now, you might think that the hardest thing to do after quitting a job is finding another job, but you would be wrong. Thanks to the internet, there are millions of freelance opportunities around for skilled people to find work.  The hardest thing is, finding legitimate jobs to work. For every one real company looking to hire a freelancer, there are two dozen fake companies. I know you’re saying, “Why do it, if it’s so dangerous?” Well, my answer is simple. I believe in my abilities.

Let me ask you a question. Are you a super star? When you work at your job, are you one of the successful employees that achieves what they set out to do or are you one of the people who just slogs through the day. Are you at the top of the list at your job or are you in happy and complacent being in the middle? Well, the truth is, for me anyway. I am a superstar. I strived to be the best at each job that I have had and I have succeeded. The crazy thing is, I never get paid what I feel I am worth. When I told my boss I was quitting, they changed some rules in an attempt to coerce me to stay but I felt slighted. I felt like I shouldn’t have to threaten the company to make them recognize the talent they had. The worse part about the job, the thing that upset me most about the whole ordeal is that there were others, people who couldn’t touch my daily output that were getting paid better than me. That revelation made me question my own worth. Was I delusional about my abilities? “But I’m at the top of the list in testing. Why am I getting paid less than this scrub who barely writes two bugs in a day?”

I railed to my wife about it incessantly. What was I doing wrong? I mean, I’d been taught that focus, hard work and dedication would lead to advancement, but this company didn’t see it that way. I needed more than those traits to succeed. Leading the NBA team is bugs written was not a qualifying factor to them. Then it dawned on me. What I view as success, is not what the company will view as success and ultimately pay me more for. Has this happened to you? Is it happening to you now? Are you teaching your supervisor? Have you trained your boss? That’s a company putting a value on your time. They are saying you are good for the company, but only just. You know, they want you to teach this person because you’re so good at the job, but soon that person you taught is teaching you. They don’t teach you like you taught them, showing them the. Ins and outs of the company; but there is still something that is imparted to you. You learn your worth to the company. You learn exactly how much they think you are worth per hour, per day, per month, you get the idea.

I have an associates degree in business finance, but I don’t need a degree to see that that doesn’t equal two. You know what I’m saying? I have this thing that I say, “One plus one equals two.” If I am great enough to reach the top of your little list(one) and I am great enough to teach your new employees(one) then I should be great enough to promote, get a raise in pay or acknowledge(two). If that does not happen then it’s not equal to two and I can’t do that math.

I have decided that my time is worth more to me. I feel that I have had enough of making others rich. It’s time for me to make me rich. That the struggle of poring through the fake and misleading opportunities to find the real one is worth it. I have been broke before, so I’m ready to try something new in my life. Working for me is the real way to achieve that goal.


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