Be the hero of your own story(Making a choice to be yourself, and loving it.)

What do you consider a hero? When I say hero, I’m not concerned with a superhero or anything of that nature. I’m talking about the everyday person. Do you see heroes in your everyday life? Are you a hero? You get up everyday and you do the things you believe are right. Are any of these things you do heroic actions to you?

What do you consider a hero? Life in America is hard. Because we are free, we often miss opportunities that would be forced onto other people. Our freedom gives us a chance to choose, often incorrectly, what we want to do with our lives. We were taught that certain things just needed to be done to prove success. Go to school, get good grades, get a well paying job and achieve the “American dream.” Well, that probably wasn’t the path put before many people in the world, but for me that was the path, taught to me, that guaranteed a successful life.

What do you consider a hero? I was told at every turn that the things I am capable of doing, these skills that I’ve allowed to atrophy, would never be useful to me. That I couldn’t count on talents, the spirit had given to me, for support of myself and the family I now have. I, in part, am to blame for the incorrect point of views that I allowed to control my life. I figured a tried and true method to something is better than betting on the unknown. Does any of this sound like your life? Have you been given talents that you don’t use, because you were told they wouldn’t benefit you in the future?

What do you consider a hero? I’m not talking about the men and women who rush into a conflagration, hell bent on saving that one soul they know needs to be saved. Not the person who is gunned down for no other reason but their skin tone. I’m asking you to consider your life and the road that you have travelled. To review the choices you’ve made and the strength and fortitude it took to persevere through those difficult times.

What do you consider a hero? The idea that each of us can be a hero, is never something we think about during the course of a day. I mean what is a hero to you? Does it ever occur to you that it could be you? I’m sure many of us would never consider anything we do as heroic, but would the child version of you, you know little JJ or Karen, would that child view you as a hero? Would he or she be proud of the adult that you have become? The goals we set when we are young, those dreams and possibilities, the childish things we put away for adulthood. Are those the things our childhood self would consider heroic? To the people that have reached that goal set forth by the younger you, do you feel heroic?

What do you consider a hero? Being a hero to ourselves should always be our ultimate goal. Make an effort to become the you that you’ve always wanted to be. I see it like this, when faced with the last days of your life, will you be proud of the things that you have done; with no feelings of regret or laments over missed opportunities? Will you pass knowing that you’ve given your life the run it deserved and can finally take that weary rest? If you aren’t doing what you want…no, what you know in your heart you should be doing, then stop. If you are tired of being an economic slave and hunger for more freedom in your life, go get it. The only thing that is stopping each of us from the success that we all require in life; that hero that we all want to view ourselves being, is us.


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