Work! What is it good for? (Figuring out your path in life.)

To many people in this world, working: to have a job that you do daily for a certain amount of pay, is a natural thing. In our society, the type of job you have moreover, the fact that you’re working; has become the standard way to judge a person’s success. You’ve heard or seen it in the movies and on television, “They don’t have a job? That mean he/she isn’t worth the trouble.”

When I was young there was this commercial that would come on, interrupting whatever my crazy cartoon obsession was at the time. This commercial would have a guy laying in his parent’s basement. The guy’s mom yells down, “Ricky, did you find a job today?” The guy gets all flustered before responding, “No, ma. I couldn’t find anything today.” The commercial would end and the words, “Marijuana can make nothing happen to you too.”

Those commercials were so annoying, I was watching cartoons and everyone at that time knew drugs were bad, unless you were selling them. Those commercials don’t appear anymore and for good reason. Well for one, marijuana has become a more acceptable drug and the other thing is the job market isn’t real friendly to the youth of today; oh and the whole fact that the drug war is a corrupt system designed for…I won’t get into that today.

We were told to “Work hard” to “keep our noses to the grindstone.” Never heard of those? Maybe you know this one,”Work hard, work long and be constructive.” What’s the reward we get for all that hard work? My father worked at the post office for almost thirty five years and sure he retired with a nice amount of money, but now he is currently looking for something to do with his time. That’s not the plan I want for my life. Is it the one you want for yours? The goals of our parents is antiquated. To work hard for a small nest egg, then sit around bored out of my mind because the things I was able to do when I was younger are foreign to me.

There’s a term I’ve been using in a few of my recent post. It perfectly describes the current world we live in, hell, the world I feel we have always lived in. The phrase or term is “Economic slavery.” Many of you probably see the words and immediately grasp where I’m going with this but for those who don’t, I will take a few sentences to explain it.

Economic slavery is when a person is dependent on a wage to survive. I’m sure there are others who can put it more eloquently, but I’m just trying to get people to understand. Economic slavery is when a person’s entire livelihood depends on the money they get weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. You’ve heard the terms, “living paycheck to paycheck.” That refers to economic slavery and there are a lot of us living through it.

This is the world that has been set up for most of us to live through. There are two groups of people in the world, the creators and the buyers. You’re either going to make something that others want to buy, or buy something that creator want to sell. I’m not saying quit your job right now and live your life like a fool on the loose. I am simply asking you. Are you happy with the path your life is taking? Was this the plan that you had when you set out on this thing called life, leaving the comfort and security of your parents?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think everyone will be able to break the chains of this system that has been set up for the us. This system that tells you that work will net you rewards. I know, a lot of people are just going to work. That’s their role in life and they have no problem with that.

This is a wake up call to the painter that still doodles but sits behind a desk. That deep toned baritone that fills an area with the talent of their voice, but checks your bag as you leave the building. I’m talking to the talented person who continues to sleep on their spirit given talent because it’s not secure. It’s not how our parents made it to where they are in life and those are the people we try hardest to impress.

This may sound harsh but, it’s not their life. You don’t work for them. What they eat, will not make you shit. You have to live for you. If your goal in life is to be just like your parents, then go for it. Knock yourself out, dig in and put your nose to the grindstone. Enjoy the job you have until you’re unable to do it; but if you are like me, you want to surpass your parents. My goal in life was always to be better than my father. I achieved that goal, then said “what’s next.” So I set another goal, failed miserably at the goal, but picked myself back up and said “what’s next?” I continue my life in that nature, striving for the my goals using my talents and believing that I can do what I want.

This one has gotten pretty long, but I feel very passionately about this subject. You guys have to have faith in yourself. Believe in the power of you. Fail miserably, lose a few times doing what you’re supposed to do. Fall flat on your face, get up and say “What’s next?”


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