What do you control in your life? (Recognizing the power we all possess within)

The title itself leaves a lot to question. Let’s consider this. When you think about your life, what do you control in it? Do you control when you wake up? Well, if you work for someone or even if you work for yourself, the time when you get up is out of your hands….with some exceptions, but that’s life. You’re going to get up when you need to, to do what’s needed.

Do you control when, and if, you go to work? I don’t mean, do you control if you have a job. I mean when you have some way of making an income, do you control when you have to do that thing to get your income? Again this one is a “No” for many and a “Maybe” for some. The employed have a time to do their work. The self-employed have a time when it’s best to do theirs. Yes it’s true they have more freedom but they still have to do it.


Some of you may be saying, “I control a lot of things in my life.” I’m sure you do, but what are they? I’m not asking this for shits and giggles; I’m being serious, comment at the bottom with your answers if you’re reading this and have some great ones, after this explanation. Do you control your future?


I don’t mean do you control the job you will have in the future. I mean, do you control what your life will be in the future? Do you control what buildings will be considered domicile? We’ve already seen this push towards meat being a contributing factor to greenhouse emissions, human health issues, you name it. How long until our freedom to consume meat is taken from us? Will you have control of what you’re allowed to do in the future? The laws we have now seem few but who’s to say what they will become. What will be deemed necessary for the continuance of our nation or the species, in the future? Will we have a decision in that?


I ask these questions to prove a point, not to belittle or disparage anyone. I write what I write, to put a bee in your bonnet. To “holla at you, for a few ticks.” Truth is, circumstances are never out of our control. We can control our lives. We can control our path through it. We can control the length of it, by being healthier. We can control the quality of it by making the best of it and we can control the success of it by doing what WE deem, successful.


I’m getting close to my world limit, so let me just get this last bit out, don’t want a repeat of last weeks long one.


The young Nobel prize winning laureate Malala Yousafzai wrote, “Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world.” That is our power. That is the control we have. By being who you are. By doing what you do. You change the world. That’s the control we all have. The control some of us neglect. It’s in our hands to change the world, how will you?


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