Nothing to fear but fear itself. (Recognizing the courage you need to succeed)

What are you afraid of? As I sit here writing this blog, I am dealing with the consequences of my decision. This decision was or is not a small one. I decided four months ago to trust in my talents and focus on my dreams of becoming a person who is paid to write. A writer, an author; I call it stepping into the world of creation, but I’m full of hyperbole and often romanticize things. I want to be a published author with a large amount of credits, awards and fans to my name but the decision I made elicits fear.

Questions like, “Can I really do this? ” followed by the annoying and self-doubting ” Am I good enough to do this?” The questions, doubts, self-deprecating moments, impact my days and make my nights sleepless. I worry about my right to do this. I worry about my family and this selfish decision that I have made that could impact their lives in unknown ways.

Worry, is one of the contributing factors to self-doubt. It is the brains way of working on a fear. It’s like the little purple guy in the movie “Inside-out.” It will come up with several reasons why something may be wrong. It can tell you all the things that may go wrong. It will attempt to protect you from the unknown while cowering from the possibility of failure. There is nothing like a safe harbor and the mind will attempt to run to one whenever a threat arises.

Our goal in life is not to be safe. Yes it’s true, safety is surety, but life is short. Will you live your life comfortable with what is safe or will you live your life craving for that distant harbor, the one that you are sure you see in the opposite shore? Those are the questions that plague the people who strive for a dream. I’m sure it’s said differently but it still means the same thing. Do you continue to do what is safe? Are you able to succeed at doing what you want to do?

There is truly no right answer to the questions. It’s what you think you’re capable of that matters. There will be doubts. There will be times when a cascade of trouble will rush towards you. When everything that can go wrong will go wrong. It is during these times that the true test begins. The truth of your desires is laid bare. Will you return to what is know? Will you rush to what is secure? Do you stay the course?

The choice is yours to ponder, it is your life that must be lived. What will you do with it? What will you do for yourself? What will you do for your family? I often ask myself those questions. It’s a part of being human. Let’s be real, making the choices that I speak of are not easy but what in life is?

What will you do for your happiness? What will you sacrifice for you success? As a father of three, I like to think that I’m showing my children to believe in themselves. I want them to go after their dreams and know that anything is possible. What example would I be setting if I cower at the first sign of adversity? What would be their view of me if I am successful? I ask you these questions because they are questions I ask myself. What are you afraid of?


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