Captain of the ship. (Manning the helm of your vessel through life)

Do you believe that luck is the reason many successful people prevail in today’s world? We hear it all the time. “This guy only got what he has because of luck.” I know, that one may be old. I heard this when working a job with some younger people. “Lucky, I can’t come up with an idea like that.” I’m even guilty of doing it, but in my defense J.K. Rowling’s life story is incredible. I know the feeling. I think it’s only natural for people to view some things as impossible. To see some of the achievements of others as great or fantastic deeds, but do you believe the deeds are strokes of luck?

In almost every case, I say no. These people aren’t lucky. There isn’t some kind of special entity working in their favor. Some mystical force putting them on the correct path to success. These people found a solution to a problem or thought of something that the world needed and made it work. Through sheer determination and will, they got it done. Creation is not luck, being able to produce something involves a lot of things, none of which contains luck. Saying that a person is lucky for their success, undermines the work and effort put into it.

I bring up luck today because of the work I’ve been doing and what my intentions are with this. What do you intend for your life? Where do you want it to go? Have you reached your goal? Have you done what you were sent to do in this life? Do you know what that is? I believe the people that we view as “lucky,” have the answers to these questions. They guide their ships, even if they are unsure, with a confidence in themselves. They continue, with faith in their abilities, down the path set before them. More often than not, they fail, but the really great people are able to bounce back from their failures. Thomas Edison said,”I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that wont work.”

That faith in yourself. The knowledge that you will succeed. I believe, that that’s what the world needs from all of us now. I believe that we are transitioning to a society that not only wants these type of people, but will need them. The world is changing. The intangible has become profitable. It’s time that we recognize and change with the world. Your ability to find your place in this new world now, will only serve to increase your chances of success.

Find that thing that you enjoy doing and figure out a way to make money from it. Take time to learn more about those “habits” that aren’t really “habits.” Begin to work on doing the things that will make your life better and the things that will indicate success becomes clearer; that line to the finish more visible. The goal in life is not to struggle. Our goal in life should not be, to struggle. There’s this saying I heard in a cartoon, of all places, but it was good; “There’s a saying: yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Work toward what you want in this life. There will be a need to work on your own, and not be working for someone else. Taking the time now to recognize your true abilities can only benefit you. Your only limit is the one you place on yourself. There’s no difference between the person that gets the “lucky” tag and you.


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