Why we all must strive. (Recognizing the cues that are evident in our world.)

One of President Donald Trump’s executive orders was created to promote the coal industry. I’m writing about this today because it is a harbinger of things to come. America is moving backwards. Already countries like India and China are surpassing us in things like technology, science, manufacturing, math…the list goes on and on. We no longer have the strangle hold we once had on all forms of business in the world. We are being held behind, often times by our elected officials, for no other reason than advancement is not profitable. Oh, don’t get on me, I know that there is serious profit in a countries continued advancement, but our representatives do not. America’s way of doing business and making money, is quickly becoming the old way of doing business.

I bring this up because, we, the dreamers, creators and believers of the impossible; we make the advancements the world will notice. What would America be without the creations and advancements made by people like Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs or Elan Musk? Where will we be tomorrow without you, the creators and dreamers of the new way? We, will make the advancements that are needed for the world, we just have to start.

Do you know that Apple has not had any new innovations since the death of Jobs? The Apple Watch was his last creation and since that time the company has stagnated. Competitors like Android and Microsoft are taking what Steve built and advanced it, while his company flounders and will soon fall. Innovation is the future of the world. Innovation is the future of every country trying to advance. The world needs our imagination and creativity to progress and waiting for our country to do it will not make it so.

America is like Apple. The innovations have slowed and the country now flounders, turning to the old ways to attempt advancement. The coal industry is a dying one, but my country still thinks it’s a profitable one. This kind of backwards vision does not serve the country and as an extra added bonus, it will not help the people in the states where they previously thrived. With the advancement of technology, coal has become like the Apple iPhone; a good discovery but very much outdated. Failure to advance is tantamount to standing still on a thin, uncoiling wire; we will fall to our deaths.

It doesn’t take a genius to google the advancements of this century and recognize that we(America, the world) need innovation. We need people to dream, create and inspire. We need people to become the next Franklin. We need people to become the next Jobs.

I’ve been writing these empowering or self-improvement blogs recently because I believe that we are coming to a time when these people I speak of will be needed again. A time when men and women inventors will be required to lead us forward. Countries like India and China are doing it now, it’s evident, they are using their dreamers and innovators to create a new way for their countries. China has taken the lead on environmental discoveries and India has become the hub for architectural wonders.

Please understand, I am not disparaging these other countries. I have more than a few friends and cohorts from both. I am amazed by their growth and continue to ask, When do we make these leaps?

President JFK, my favorite after Barry O, once said “New objectives and new money cannot solve these problems. They could in fact, aggravate them further-unless every scientist, every engineer, every serviceman, every technician, contractor, and civil servant gives his personal pledge that this nation will move forward, with the full speed of freedom, in the exciting adventure of space.” Of course he said a lot more but I love this part because he was trying to entreat Americans. He was trying to make us notice that moving backwards is not good. That the true measure of a country is its advancements and that’s what I’m trying to do. We are the change that we need in this world. We are the ones who can advance our countries forward.

It is in our best interest to move forward. If you want to create an app but don’t know how, learn. There are great, FREE services that can help you with that dream. If you want to become the next great anything, learn about it. Find ways to advance your understanding of whatever it is, then implement this information. The world is depending on you to become what you want to be. The time is now.

I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot recently. “The time is now.” Well, I have, because the time to become whatever it is that you want to become is right now. I see it everywhere. For example, because of Jordan Peele, writers of color may have more opportunities to be discovered and recognized for the work that they can do. His movie “Get Out” has just surpassed Blair Witch as the highest grossing original movie. Stories of more than just the usual black person will become sought after. Writers that can create new and interesting tales will become the next writers of this age.

This is what I mean. The time is now for us to create what we want, if we want it. Change your mindset. Recognize your own power in this world. Believe that you are capable of more than what you currently are. “Time waits for no man” and the time to be what you need to won’t wait either.


JFK space speech:


Get Out surpasses Blair Witch:



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