Can you afford not to? (The true cost of pursuing your goals.)

When choosing to take the leap and do something for yourself, one of the biggest worries is the one of affordance. The fear of how our decisions could impact our personal life, is a worry that causes many to shy away from these endeavors. Some of us, when faced with these fears look for safe harbors. We try to rationalize why now just isn’t the right time to do for you, this is when the safe harbor becomes the most inviting. To many being employed is a safe harbor, safe harbors are there for a reason. They hold up those who are afraid to swim away from the shore. Those who can only stare at the blue that shines on the horizon.

When I speak of leaving the shore for the unknown, I don’t expect you guys to just plunge head first into dark, murky waters. I’m not telling you to just drop everything and strike out for greener pastures. I know there are things that we adults are required to maintain. There is a minimum amount of money that we need monthly, hell for me it’s daily, that keeps our home running. The angst associated with these duties cause a lot of us to remain land borne and if you’ve been reading my recent blogs, I believe this is the very reason to get in your skiff but keep an eye on the shore.

What I’m saying is, as you set birth you might be afraid of what’s ahead and no one can tell you that you shouldn’t be worried. It’s only right that you fear the unknown, but there is a way to build your brand, whatever it is, and sustain. The internet has become a wonderful tool in this regard. With sites like and even, those desiring a change of pace or a new career can find it.

If you don’t have faith in your abilities or want to learn a new skill, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars and go into debt, to learn something new or get a refresher on what you may already know. Just look on the internet for the answers. With sites like and you can learn a new skill, heck you can even go to YouTube and find great tutorials, for free. Put simply, there are choices to what you can do. There are ways to build up the knowledge needed to become what you want.

One of the reasons I brought up President Trump’s coal mining initiative last week, is because it won’t work. How many of you have seen the movie “Hidden Figures?” I will try not to spoil it for those who have not. Octavia Spencer is one of the “calculators” or “computers” used before actual computers were put to work in government. The company she works for, which is a government company, wants to do what they always do, make it faster for less; so they buy computers but they(the company) don’t know how to use them. Octavia’s character learns how to use the machines.

That’s not the whole story but that’s the gist of what I’m saying. The companies are looking into ways to make it faster, for less; and we are the computers. We have to either learn how to control the new technology or create our own.

There are no two ways about it, we are falling behind when it comes to progress but the race is far from over. We can learn what we need to now, to know how to control the new technologies when they come, or be the expendable person. The person who is unceremoniously thrown to the side and forgotten, while the new tech does your job.

If you want to make a video game, learn how to write code. Want to become a photographer, go outside and shoot the new weather phenomenons that are occurring in your city. Interested in becoming the next Rachel Ray, learn how to put your spirit into what you cook. There’s a way to do whatever you want in your life, all you have to do is have faith in yourself, put in the work and do it.

I will post a blog this Friday with a list of helpful sites I’ve found during this journey. I believe that we all have something that we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. Take the time to figure out what yours is.


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