As promised(List of possible jobs)

I’m going to post a few jog sites that I find plausible for those looking to try something new or a better paying job. There are only a few right now, well because… some of these sites on the web say they are legit ways to garner some work, but they aren’t.
First, I hate the survey websites. If you have been lucky enough to stay clear of these sites, congratulations on an amazing feat. I despise these sites because they don’t seem to be very profitable and they give you “pay for this” surveys.

I am not affiliated with any of these companies, so my opinion is just that, my opinion. I am trying or have tried these places and have been able to garner a fair amount of return. If you have any other sites that might help friends reading this site please comment below.

These guys ask for your email address only to send you jobs that are available. The jobs offered are links to other websites, sometimes the companies that are looking for employees, some lead you to other job boards that have opportunities many may miss. These are real jobs, not gigs or contract work; though there is some contract work available.  I am currently working with a client through this website, but I can’t give you guys more than that.

We work Remotely

This site is great for freelance work. The people hiring for jobs are looking for contractors. The site is amazing for coders, writers and other like minded digital nomads that are looking for some supplementary income and the experience that you can attain doesn’t hurt.


Let’s find you a job you can work anywhere. That’s the tag line for this website and they don’t mess around. You name the type of job that your looking for, a hobby you’re tinkering around with, whatever and this site looks for an employer looking for people that want to work that job. There are a large range of job types available and jobs are listed hourly. This site is incredible for nomads looking for a change.

Freelance writing gigs

This is a new site I found a couple weeks ago. Some of the jobs look promising but I haven’t had the time to focus on anything plausible because of the sites listed above. I am a writer, so this site seems like another good place to find jobs, if the need for work slows with the other sites.

These are just a few sites that I find plausible, reputable, employment opportunities through and I hope they can be just as useful for you. I also want to add some other sites that may seem helpful for you guys. These are not job sites but they may help you with your particular niche or if you want to learn something new.


I love this website. This site allows people to learn how to write code for free. The interactive learning modules are remarkably detailed. Though they may be a little term heavy, a user will be able to learn how to write code at their own pace. The user is given milestones and achievements that help to spur them along throughout the learning process. There are helpful hints that appear during every chapter of a module and a forum where a user is able to communicate with other learning coders for assistance or just to talk about coding.

MIT App Inventor

If you’re not seeing a theme then you should. Apps are not going away and the need for people who are able to not only create them but manage and maintain them will only increase. Coding will be or is the new “factory” job. You know the new menial job that will be the standard for everyone that wants to be employed; learning how to write code now is the best thing to do for anyone that wants to succeed in the future. When I found this site the first thing I thought was, it’s MIT, how can they be wrong and they haven’t let me down so far.


Oh man, this site is fun. If you’re a subpar typer or someone who wants to do more than the index finger shuffle, then this site is for you. Hell, even if you just want to increase your WPM(words per minute) count, this site will help. The games and test on this site are geared toward one thing, typing. Who can’t use that skill? Even better who doesn’t prosper from better typing skills? Just check out the site and you can thank me later for this one, 😜.

Well that’s it guys. Thanks for giving me a bit of your time and I hope at least one of these links help you. As I stated earlier, please comment, if you know of another option; hell, comment if you used one of the sites and found them useful or if you just love the blog. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you next week. WT3


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