Love is all you need(recognizing the pillars of support in your life)

I want to talk today about something or someone that I have not acknowledged in most of my blogs. I think I may have referred to them a time or two but never really went into detail. Today I want to talk about family and your significant other. The pillars of support we all need to be successful at whatever our plan is.

My wife, though a gigantic source of stress and mental anguish, is one of the most supportive people I know. It is because of her belief and faith that I am able to do this, that I have even tried. You know the story, a person has talent but no faith in themselves or their talent. Well, I don’t know if I would say faith, it’s more like a fear of failure that caused me to continue to produce written work but never make any push with it. I believed and knew I could write but I thought such frivolous hopes couldn’t serve me now.

It’s hard to decide to do what we do. When making these decisions we have to consider every consequence and benefit. How our decisions can impact the lives of our families and ultimately ourselves, then make a conscious decision on how to proceed. Often our families are large influences on this decision. For me, the birth of my daughter was when I decided to give up such foolish hopes of becoming a writer and get down to finding a stable, steady income to support her. It wasn’t until she went off to college that the dream returned, with a vengeance.

The need to get back to it was calling. My need to focus on those things I put away, were returning, but it wasn’t until I spoke to my wife about this hunger that it solidified. She actually thought it was possible, just as much as I believed it. Sometimes having one person believe in your abilities, can give you strength, but I later discovered that my little cadre of people were just as supportive. Having that faith made it impossible for me to not do this. They all believe that I am capable of making writing my bitch and I would be more than just a failure, if I didn’t show them I could.

Everyone decides the path their life will take. We make the decisions on what we are capable of and how best to pursue happiness, it just makes it more of a blessing when you have support. In elementary school, I won an award for writing a story, the story was about a swan that wanted more out of life. I’d just read the ugly duckling and felt swans needed some love too; the story was illustrated and bound with yarn, the whole nine. I laugh now just thinking about that book. The reason I bring that up is because, there was no recognition of my abilities then from my parents. No push from them to make my focus writing, now I’m not blaming them for the path my life took, but I often wonder what my life would have been if my focus was more on that than anything else.

I’ve talked enough for today. If you have people who support you, let them know what they mean to you. Recognize now, how much harder your life could be without the people that support you in it. I thank the spirits for every life that has touched mine throughout this journey and advise you to take a moment to pass your feeling of gratitude on to the people that do the same for you in life.

Have a fantastic week and I will speak to you guys on Quote Wednesday. WT3


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