A different world(Posting a draft of a new story I wrote on Tuesday, enjoy.)

So, I wrote a story a couple days ago and I think it’s pretty good. I’m going to post it here just because I’m thinking of posting rough drafts of stories I’m writing on Friday. Again, this is a rough draft so be a little lenient with me on this one.

“Get your white ass on the ground nigger.” The black cop spat in my face as I tried to get a grasp on what was happening. I’d just bought a soda from the 7-11 around the corner from my apartment and now I’m being accosted, for what, I have no idea. Ok, I did buy a pack of cigars but weed is legal now, so why is he harassing me? I turn to say that, when I notice that he has his gun pointed at me and his partner has a hand on his. I try to think back to what I could have done to warrant such action but the cop doesn’t seem to care. He moves quickly towards me and snatches my soda out of my hand. He smashes my soda on the concrete then grabs me by my head and slams me just as hard, onto the now wet pavement.

I hear my phone come crashing out of my jacket pocket and have time to think, ‘Well, That things busted.’ When a knee slams into my back, HARD. I choke out a cough and involuntarily jerk in response to the action. I hear ringing in my ears for a few moments then the sound of the cops screaming creeps slowly into my ear. “Put your hands behind your back! Put your fucking hands behind your back!” The first cop yells at me, but in my confusion I don’t move fast enough and the other cop punches me. I jerk again in surprise and the cop that punched me says. “Stop resisting sir. Fucking stop resisting.”

I’m not resisting. It’s just my mind seems to be unable to comprehend what’s happening. I try to say, “I’m not resisting, officer.” But I get punched in the back of my head and the world is ringing again. I can hear a lot of voices, screaming I think, but I don’t hear anything. It feels like my head is ringing and I can barely get a foothold on my senses, let alone my motor skills.

The sound starts to return to me just in time to hear the partner saying, “Give me your hands or I will taze you.” I try to say something but a mumbled amount of jargon comes out of my mouth and I feel lost. I don’t want to end up like other white brothers I have seen being shot down in the streets for nothing more than being confused, but I feel that I won’t be able to do anything but die at this rate. The partner counts to three then I’m shaking from the 50k volts of the taser gun. An involuntary reaction has my body moving under the continued pressure of the first cop and I can feel my back almost snap.

This is so wrong but I can’t very well tell them that. They have been killing us mercilessly for over two hundred years, how the hell can I; a young white man with some college training but no degree, possibly make these officers see reason? What options am I left with as I am being beat and shocked to death in front of such a large number of people?

The tazing stops and My hands are roughly put into cuffs that cut off the blood circulation to my hands. “Get your ass up, you fucking nigger.” The partner says as he yanks me to my feet roughly. I guess I can’t have time to recuperate from the taser, because he just snatches me up without any thought to my body and the blunt force trauma it has just endured. The first cop gets into my face. “What the fuck is wrong with you boy?” He says with one side of his mouth turned up in a smug smirk. “Didn’t you hear me talking to you when you exited the store?” He asks. Spittle spraying my face as he does. I try to talk again but my entire body is in shock. My chest is constricting and I am starting to see black transparent spots when I try to focus. “Look nigger, we don’t have time for this. Can you talk or are you stupid?” He takes out his club and plows it into my stomach. I double over immediately, feeling the little bit of soda I drank and everything I ate this week rising up into my esophagus.

I’m coughing up everything now but the cops take this as a sign of resistance and start to hit me again. I can hear bystanders trying to help but the cops threaten them and they back off. I feel the cold, wonderful darkness of unconsciousness taking control but that isn’t even allowed to save me, because the two cops have been joined by some other black cops who decide that the first duo wasn’t doing enough and they join in.

I’m choking now, barely able to see the rocks of the gravel road when I hear a loud bang and feel something cold in my lower back. I try to breath but it’s becoming hard. I try to move but I’m pinned in place. I no longer feel the wonderful blessing of being unconscious; I feel the cold grasp of the reaper on my other shoulder. ‘They shot me. Oh my god, I’m going to die.’ I think as the true ramifications of what is happening hit me. I’m going to end up like other white men who have been murdered because of a difference in color. Wasn’t slavery enough for them? Why continue to denigrate my people because we are white and we were their slaves? Can’t we all just get alo…


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