More than just me (Thinking about my decisions and their impact on others.)

I want to first apologize for the tardy blog post. We are coming down to the last few days of the Electronic entertainment expo(E3 for those in the know) and I have an entire other thing working with video games; so, I had to spend some time on that. I saw a lot of interesting video games but the best part of the entire thing was spending time with my youngest and listening to her comment on some of the video games, the ones she liked and the ones she didn’t. She had a lot to say. I loved it. 

One of the things that is so great about doing this thing I am doing, working for me. Is I get to spend more time with my family and do wonderful things like enjoying time with my child and I did over these last three days. She taught me a little about this confusing Minecraft game, a game which she records videos for YouTube while playing. I don’t really get the point of the game but maybe I am just old. 

The full circle of things

When I was young my mom put an Intellivision console in front of me and gave me a paddle. She showed me the basics of one game, Burgertime, and that was it. I was and would always be known as a video game junkie. I got so deep into gaming that I attempted to start a business with it as the focus. Because of that interaction and time spent with my mother. I was given insight and shown something that I would soon love. 

Seeing my kid have such a passion and interest for gaming makes me proud, but it also worries me. Sure there are many ways and avenues to make a living in video games. I just did It for four years and I had a great time doing it, but my worry is what if there was something else she was meant to do? Am I changing the trajectory of my kids life with what I show her or am I just doing what my mom did to me, showing me a world that is different from the one we live in and how anything can happen. 

I don’t know the answer to that but as I watched her, I marveled at her intellect and loved the way she interjected her own personality on everything we did. I think she is enjoying this new freedom that’s been provided with my new endeavor and I guess that’s the point that needs to be made to her. Right? 

Seeing yourself in the oddest places

Thanks to summer break I’ve had this time to spend with my daughter and I learned a bit about her that I wouldn’t have if I continued to work a traditional job. My kid is a lot like me. Well, let me make this clear. My oldest are both like me in several regards. I mean they dealt with a younger version of me and if any of you are parents, you can remember raising your first kids. The oldest are like a testing run because you don’t have a damn clue of what you’re doing but the kids are fed and child services aren’t at your door, so you must be doing something good. 

I had no clue with the first two, it was more like we were growing up together. They turned out ok and they both went to college, so I did something right. The only problem I could find with the raising of my children was the guy I had to be to raise them. I was a bit of a tough dad, a mix between Al Bundy and Major Payne, throw in a little roots and you got me raising my kids. It’s a wonder they didn’t end up dead. 

With this one I decided to take a different tack. My wife had got off as the good one in our relationship, using me as the “I’m going to tell your father,” person worked but I didn’t like how they kept things away from me and told her everything. Of course, she told me but it upset me, the fact that I was that guy to my kids. You know, you always want to be heroes to your children. So I let my wife take the bad guy mantle, well, I didn’t let her, she kind of took it. This was the young girl named after her and she had some plans for this one. I can honestly say, it is cool being the good cop. 

Being this guy has allowed me a chance to watch her grow from a different way. I am still mean daddy some times but I get a chance to incorporate another dynamic with this one. I can be more jovial. The experience I gain from dealing with my older children has shown me that there can be more that I can do to promote a happy and more contributing individual for society. 

It all depends on your view

This one is coming to its end, so let me close with this. Making decisions in life is hard. As we grow we make choices that not only impact us, they impact the people we love and more often than not, the ones we have the wonderful role of raising in this strange and incredible world. This thing I’ve chosen to pursue has been hard but it’s small rewards like the time I’ve been able to spend with my kid, that make me realize the struggle is definitely worth it. 

Watching games with my kid has been fun and I believe builds the same kind of bond my mother and I had when I was growing up. I feel humbled when thinking of the things she did to promote the person that I am and the parent it has helped me become. 
I will speak to you guys on QW. Thanks for the read and please comment below if you liked the post or even if you didn’t. I’m always trying to get some kind of feedback of my writing and appreciate what I’ve been getting so far. Enjoy E3 if you’re in to gaming and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.


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