Just one opportunity (A discussion on Independence during the week of)

Apologies to you all for another tardy post, I just seem to be going through things this month. I can say this though, if you live in Vegas, always keep your air filter fresh and your air working. It is hot as hell and going without air for twenty-four hours is torture. I didn’t want to turn on my computer, hell I didn’t even want to turn on my television. It was just too hot to write. 

Today is a different day. As every day should be. Apartment maintenance fixed the air and may the spirit bless them for their work. On my ever progressing journey through contracting and my goal of writing, I have learned a lot of things over the last few weeks, nothing more important than spending time with family. Family is important, which is why I wanted to spend some time stressing the importance of it and making sure that we recognize, as I’m sure you all do, that the point of doing all of the things you do should be about them. 

Today I want to talk about contracting, offer an opportunity that I find to work really well and some best practices when working at places like this. This won’t be long, I don’t like taking up too much of your time and the Independence Day holiday is this week, so I know you guys are busy but I will try to make it informative. I think it fits with the time. 

For the last few months I’ve been working as an independent contractor. It’s promising work, but very difficult to enter into; because of the vast majority of opportunities and ripoffs prevalent on the best source for this work, the Internet. Finding a real way to work the hours you want and the times you feel like it, sounds like a dream. There are hundreds of schemes that say, you’re going to get rich doing this and all the other bullshit and I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is there is a way to work when you want, from the comfort of your home and not pay a dime to do it. 

It takes work. Hell, I have scrolled through hundreds of websites. Seen a thousand “ I can help you get rich” videos. Read, what has to have been a million emails, I know you’ve seen them. You sign up for what you think is a good deal, because they seem honest. It’s going to make you money so you sign up for it, then the emails come. One or two at first, you delete or read some then delete before the wave begins. Emails from sites and people, you don’t remember signing up to get emails from, send you bullshit that not only floods your email, but more often than not carry viruses. I don’t want to get into that conversation and I don’t have anything like that I’m going to be talking to you guys about today. With this opportunity you won’t get rich and I’m not asking for any money to tell you the info. I’m serious. I may get affiliate money from you clicking the link, but that’s from the company, hell a brother has to get paid. 

The job

The email address is http://join.appen.com I think I’ve talked about this place a little in a previous blog, but I did not go into much detail about the job. I want to give a more elaborate description of this opportunity because I honestly feel the future will be working for yourself and anything that can get you started on that process is a benefit to you. 

Again the site does not ask for money and it is not a get rich, work at home, kind of thing. Some jobs will require qualifications test, experience and sometimes good old fashioned talent to get them but it’s real work, you get paid money; not points or some other sort of crap, and you work the hours you want. There are several kinds of jobs available on the site like, social media evaluation, search engine evaluation, online content evaluation. 

If these jobs are not professional enough for you, there are job opportunities like linguist, product and project management. The list goes on. Hell even if you’re just starting out and need something more entry level, they have jobs that are a great fit for you. It is worth the time just to check out the site, it cost nothing to view the jobs available.


Get your resume updated and polish off those determination skills because the jobs are real and they are looking for people who at least have a resume. If you don’t have a resume get or make one. There are several apps on mobile devices that will work just fine for what you need. I don’t use any because I have the next point on the list but if you don’t have this item, there is a way to build it on your phone that will work just fine. There are tips on how to write a great resume, I haven’t actually figured out the greatest working formula when it comes to these, so I can’t give you advice on what works. Well, I can say put yourself into the resume, but I say that about everything. 


You will need a computer and if you don’t have one yet, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you have a cell phone? Do you pay a monthly bill on that cell phone? Ok, let’s do the math. If you own the cell phone, let’s see, it’s probably one of the newer versions. Those cost about, what, on the low end $500? If you leasing it, shame on you, that cost you $45 a month on the low end. Man, y’all better buy those phones and quit paying those outrageous and often inflated prices for the next big, not new thing. Steve Jobs is dead. Unless there is another great innovator coming in the next twenty years or someone actually grants me enough money to work on some of these ideas I got going, hopeful thought there, there is no reason to lease a new phone. Nothing in them is new. I promise, if you wait two years, buy a computer then buy or (*cough**cough* lease,) the next new phone, you will still be in the cool crowd but come out with a very valuable tool, that only gets better with age. 

Ok, that was a long paragraph but I had to get that out. I know you all probably have bills and other stuff that takes a huge portion of your paycheck but shoot me a message or comment and I guarantee I can help you find a computer that is brand new, that will help you do this sort of work for less than the cost of a cell phone. Well, not those cheap ass metros or you name them phones that have terrible reception and no real apps. I paid less than $150 including shipping, for a nasty desktop computer that does exactly what I need it to do. The beautiful thing about a computer is it can be upgraded; so when I want to add a new part, I can get that later and install it myself. 

Now changing PC specifications is a different beast in and of itself and I do not suggest anyone mess with anything in their computer without some real knowledge of what you’re doing. I have been trained in the field and have had work doing the job, so it’s not a big deal for me to suggest acquiring a computer. I do however have faith in everyone’s ability to do what I am capable of doing and see everything that I have advised as feasible. If you ever want to make updates to your computer, you can pay someone to do it or buy the parts cheap, which is normally just a graphics card probably a wifi card, and install it yourself, but that is for a later.

Update or create a resume. Check out the website. Get a computer if you don’t have one and let’s start getting this money the way we will need to and stop doing what we don’t want to. Oh, one more thing about this company Appen. They offer several ways for payment, I suggest getting the direct pay through the Payoneer service. Even if you don’t use Appen, the card is a good idea, it is used worldwide and it allows you to receive payments from your global clients. Of course I get paid if you sign up, but again, not from you. That’s it for me today, enjoy it guys and I will talk to you on QW, no late one. 


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