Forest for the trees(Being a light in the darkness)

I have tried to be as impartial as I could be throughout the current course America is taking politically. Yes it is true that I have made a few statements about some decisions made. On the whole, however, I wanted and am still trying, to give President Trump a chance; but the way things are looking I figure now is a great time to talk about some things that bother me. 

Now most of this is my hypothetical view, based on the rate of progress that has been made by the 115 US Congress. They have gotten a lot of things done this year, during the first four months of this presidency. Let’s take a look at some of the things, there are a lot, but let’s look at a few that are very bothersome to me then I want to toss out my thoughts for the coming years. 

The laws and events that I’m going to discuss are based on reports, news and empirical evidence. 

The first four months:

January 20, 2017: TALENT act of 2017, this law allows entrepreneurs, executives and people who show talent, a chance to work in government. They passed this the day Trumo took office.

February 7, 2017: VP Mike Pence cast tie-breaking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. The first time in US history that a tie occurred and the VP vote is used. 

February 28, 2017: Promoting women in entrepreneurship act/INSPIRE women act. Laws created to promote the growth of women in Science and space.

February 28, 2017: Nullifies NICS improvement Act. This act required that individuals who meet a certain criteria, including those deemed mentally inept, be reported to the NICS(National Instant Criminal History Background Check system)

April 3, 2017: Nullified the Privacy Act. You know, the one that stopped internet companies from selling our private information.

April 6, 2017: Senate uses “Nuclear option” to steal…cough…sorry…nominate Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court judge.

Ok, there are more things and acts that have occurred, like the law that allows the government to take land PL115-20 or…you guys get the point they have been pretty busy and I want to talk about these. There were 22 laws created by the 115 congress from January 1 to May 2015 vs 36 by the 115th congress in the same time frame. They are getting more done and they are doing it faster. 

The reason I wanted to discuss some of these laws and acts is because, at the pace these guys are moving America can look and feel very different by November 2020. Sure, I put in some good ones, like the Woman’s act. I have two daughters and it can really help them to know that their government supports and believes in the success of women in science. Hell, even if I didn’t have daughters, I have a mother, a wife, sisters, aunts and cousins…I know and love women and anything that can help to equal out the disparity shown towards women, especially women of color; I’m all for it. That doesn’t change the fact that, the one purpose of most of the laws appears to eradicate some of the progress made during the Obama years. 

Please understand, I do not think that enough was done during Obama’s presidency. I know, I know, some of you die hard liberals are going ape shit over what I’m saying but I’m not a liberal, I’m a realist and it doesn’t matter what political party you’re affiliated with to me. “If you can do the job, then do it.” That’s my motto. I just think he could have done more when he had the chance and before the true obstruction or “Do nothing” congress got into power. 

These new laws promote wealth. They want entrepreneurs in the White House, but I’m sure that a small business owner would have a hard time acquiring the funds required to run a successful political campaign. Have you guys heard of the small fortunes being put up, just to lose these things? 

Poor people are losing. I know a lot of us do not consider ourselves to be poor but check out the median income of the middle class and remember that’s per person and then let me know if you fit the bill. Many will but most will not. I will not list where I place in the list but even I have something to worry about, if things continue on their present course.

We have to become more prescient with our government. I’m not saying become psychic, but being a little predictive in the course of things, the issues that matter to you; can help more than you, it can help our children. There are laws being created that do not even have summaries, they are just laws. How the hell is that possible? Are we that removed from our government that they feel we are not important enough to be told about the laws that are being created? If you don’t believe me, check out the link I posted below for reference. Law 36. 

I do not mean to sound like a preacher or an activist of any kind. I am just a man worried about the course of our country. The division that has stewed and been promoted as well as the complete lack of accountability being put on display. When do we begin to become the ruling party in our democracy? I’m not talking in any sort of ethnic term, I mean “We” as a people, because our voice is not being heard by our government. 

I am not sure of the number, do not feel like doing any more research than what I’ve done for this blog, but, I think something like 85% of gun owners and a large percentage of people who do not own guns, support background checks. They just passed a law to further weaken the already poor standards on guns with the NICS act. They are not listening to us and they do not care about our well being. 

It is time for Americans to make America great again. I myself felt America was doing great before 2016 and thought we were on our way to something good with the election of Barry O. It’s not because of my ethnicity, well in part it was, but in a different regard. I felt the excitement and hope that thrummed through our country after Barack Obama became president. It was palpable. After all, he ran on that premise and I think the country felt it. Some things were done but not enough, in my opinion, to stabilize the already injured and bleeding middle class…are there any plans to bring the perpetrators of the horrible financial situation of the late 2000’s to justice? No. 

We lose. Constantly, repeatedly. We lose. It is time, my people. Time to become accountable for the decisions made in our name. If we do not stand up and take charge of the course our country takes, who will? What will we say to our children when they are thirsty but cannot drink the water that comes out of the faucet? Have you ever felt the pang of loss associated with losing a family member because of lenient gun regulations? Imagine you and your significant other having to work three jobs each, just to make ends meet. 

This is our country and it is our responsibility to remain the beacon of hope to our children and the children of other countries. With the way things are going we are on our way to, not only being the laughing stocks that we have become, but a third world country; with a number of poor and sick that stagger others. 

Know your congressman. Begin to make your senator a constant contact in your email list and phone. Start letting your voice be heard because they are making decisions according to what we want, without hearing what we demand. 

I’m sorry that this one was longer than normal but there are a lot of things happening and I barely touched on the most troubling of some. I’m sure you read or watch the news but if you don’t, you should. Things are happening fast, like Justice Kennedy retiring, and if we aren’t paying attention our rights might disappear at the same rate. Enjoy your week. Find the contact information for the people of congress in your district and start letting them hear your voice on the issues that truly matter to you. Check out the websites that I have listed below, make them favorites and start educating yourself on the laws that govern the lives of you and your family. 

See you all on QW And Thanks for reading.
Added after posting: I went and found the find my rep site. Thank me later…


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