Never too old.(Recognizing your value at any age)

Hello all. Sorry for the small hiatus. I had some moving to get done and unfortunately I cannot type on an iPhone. I hate moving. It’s such a aggravation. I’m sure all of you have moved before and you know the plethora of emotions that one goes through, just to get all the stuff you’ve collected onto a moving truck. 

Moving just takes everything out of you. Well, it drained me, but enough of the troubles with moving. I want to talk to you guys today about an issue that continues to bother me. The issue is one of age. What can be done and when a person should give up on what they want for what is required. 

What is the age of expiration for pursuing what you want? When do you give up on yourself? I, myself, do not think there is any age that should stop a person from getting what they want. Foreman was well into his 40’s when he won his last heavyweight belt. Randy Couture won four UFC championship fights in his 40’s. The list goes on and the ages grow. Hell, there is a guy who is currently trying to get into the NBA and he is in his 50’s. 

My point is, there should be nothing that stops you from doing what you want. The only thing that can stop you is you. There shouldn’t be an age limit on what will be considered a successful life. Sure there are things that would be difficult to do at some ages, the guy fighting for a shot at the NBA is going to have a hard time but that does not mean he should not try. 

The fact that I have career aspirations that have no age limit does not temper my idea on age limits. Even if I wanted to become an athlete, I would still pursue those desires. I do not think that people should be relegated to jobs that are considered appropriate for their age. I believe a person’s conviction determines their place in the world. That every person is able to achieve all they want, as long as they do what is needed to achieve it. 

I am speaking about this today because a very close friend of mine, hell I think this person is my best friend, has compunctions about what a person should be able to do and at what age. I try to tell them that there should be no age limit on what is possible but this person cannot see themselves doing anything outside of what they are doing now. When an opportunity that fits them better than the one they are doing appears, they find reasons why their age is an hindrance. 

Age should never be a barrier between you and what you think you should be doing. There are commercials that appear on television daily with older people finally deciding to do what is best for them. The colleges recognize the changing world we live in and it is time for all of us to do the same. Believe in what you’re capable of, no matter your age. See yourself as the success that you want to be from the jump, not after you succeed. 

I know this may be a rant but which one of my blogs isn’t? Thank you for giving me your time today and let me leave you with this quote. “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis” I apologize for the last few weeks of non-activity and I hope you all will return for QW. Have a blessed day folks. 


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