Similarities in creationism (Trusing in the spirit of you.)

My wife and I celebrated our youngest daughters twelfth birthday this weekend, and the first thing I noticed, well the first thing besides from it being expensive as hell, was the similarities between my daughter and myself. 
To be honest, I expected my daughter to be more like her mother and in the beginning she was. She was a princess and I mean “Princess” with sparkly letters. She had the Tinkerbell obsession, The Barbie collection, The easy bake oven, and so many other things that little girls love. Her favorite color was pink and her favorite movie was Disney. Not any particular princess, just Disney itself. You guys know, don’t play. 
It was different this year. For her birthday this year, my daughter wanted devices to record video game streams. To record herself playing Minecraft. If you don’t understand why she would do that, you’re with me on this, but if you do; then that’s why she wants to do it. I have no problem with it and feel nothing but pride at the idea.
The similarities between my child’s life and my own are not what this blog is going to be about today. I just find the way our kids grow to be interesting and it’s what happened to me this weekend. 
What I want to talk about today is individualism, trusting in yourself enough to do something different. Another thing that happened this weekend is that I created my own rib recipe. I know you might be saying, what, that’s nothing big. Have you ever tried to create one? Have you every actually followed one? I find recipes very difficult. I think it may have something to do with my issues with authority or whatever you want to call it. Following a set number of rules and directions for a certain amount of time, while recording the steps and actions, were interesting. 
I thought about my mother, who is dead. My mother loved to cook barbecue and always found new ways of making a rib just taste…incredible. I thought of her throughout most of the process and at times I could only smile about some of the times she tried her own. The failures and when she was successful. 
Creating your own recipe is a lot like creating anything in this world. It takes a passion for the endeavor you’re partaking. A willingness to dedicate yourself to a goal and a lot of spirit. I’m not talking about spirit in a religious sense. I mean a trust or faith in yourself. 
Believing in my ability to mix the correct spices, with the right timings and other things allowed me to make a pretty good rack of ribs. My knowledge and my trust in it, gave me a better rib than anything someone else directing me could give. The meat was tender, seasoned well and barely had a relationship with the bone. Just how I like my ribs. 
I’m sorry for the loving paragraph on a rib but it was done well, if I do say so myself and the recipe I wrote from it will be a nice addition to the others I plan to try. It also stands as a great point in what I am often writing about; faith in your own abilities. Which is also why the subject of my daughter came up. She has faith in what she is doing. So much so that she is ready to record it and show it to others. 
Another cool thing that happened this weekend, is that a couple of friends from college won 20K on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. Now, it is true that the win may come with caveats and people may have something to say about the win, but it’s still a win for doing something that they have faith and placed all of their spirit into. Something they created on their own,#sawthemdoit, and the fact their idea won is awesome. 
Having faith in your own success, whatever it is, will always be the best thing I can write about. Not because it’s the new big thing to talk about, you’ve seen the commercials, they got Jordan talking about being rejected from varsity and all the other inspirational stuff. It’s great but it’s not why I talk about it. 
I talk about it because of the life I’ve lived. The things I’ve seen. The successes and the failures. The path that I am still on. 
I’ve said this several times. Written it more than once and believe it should be placed somewhere on my tombstone, of course that would be expensive as hell, but it’s what I believe. “Your greatest critic and your worst enemy are the same person. Yourself.” The only person who can stop you from doing what you want to do, is you. 
Have a great week you guys. If you live in Vegas, enjoy monsoon season but stay safe, don’t drive through flood waters. Please like and comment. See you all on QW. 


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